For Media Outlets

A press conference seen through caemera screen.
An area where members of the media can access information on covering Portland Street Response. See this section for our ride-along policy, general usage photos, and b-roll.

Thank you for your interest in covering Portland Street Response.

As you scroll down, you will see photos and b-roll for your use.

Media Ride-Along Policy

Portland Street Response does not allow members of the media to participate in ride-alongs with our mobile crisis response team.

Protecting the confidentiality of our clients is not only required by law and our medical practice licenses, but it is paramount in creating trust within the community that we serve.

The community members we respond to in mental health crises and/or living in vulnerable and unsafe situations are not able to offer consent.

While we appreciate media interest in our work, we will attempt to offer other ways to access these stories, either via our team members or community partners. We also offer inside vehicle response b-roll in case you need this sort of footage for your story.

Thank you for understanding our need to put our clients first.


The b-roll below is available for your use.

B-roll footage of team members of the Community Health Division responding during a cold weather emergency.
B-roll footage for media use of PSR's new vans rolling around the city and a tour inside.
This is b-roll for the media to use that shows PSR vehicles driving past city landmarks as the program starts responding city-wide.
Before PSR's night shift hit the streets, the team received extensive training. PSR's first team trained the second shift on de-escalation using improv actors who role-played community members in mental health crises.
B-roll of Brian and Zeke from PSR's night shift team hitting the street.
Footage of the Portland Street Response Team responding to a call.
Silent footage from both outside the vehicle and inside the office.
Footage of the Portland Street Response team handing out brochures in Lents prior to launch.

Photos for media use 

Portland Street Response vans
Portland Street Response van
Firefighter and Portland Street Response responders in the field.
Portland Street Response outreach worker in the field.
Teacher in front of room with two people at desks looking at screen.
PSR's second shift in training before hitting the street. (Dan Hawk Photography)
PSR responders in the field.
A woman and two men with masks.
Portland Street Response's second shift. (Dan Hawk Photography)
Four members of Portland Street Response on stairs.
Portland Street Response's founding team.
PSR team member in front of computer.
A member of the Portland Street Response team on the phone.