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Small Donor Elections Code, Administrative Rules, and Program Forms

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Here you can find the Small Donor Elections Code, Administrative Rules, and proram documents and forms.

Small Donor Elections Code 

You can read the Small Donor Elections Code by clicking here.

Small Donor Elections Administrative Rules

You can read the program's Administrative Rules here. 

Small Donor Elections Program Documents and Forms 


Before applying to participate in Small Donor Elections, our office encourages candidates to contact us for a training. We schedule trainings one on one for each campaign. Please email or call us to schedule a training by suggetsing three dates and times when your campaign is available for a 90 minute training over Zoom. You may take a training even if you are not sure you are running for office or are not sure you wish to participate in the Small Donor Elections program. 

2024 Dates and Deadlines 

Filing to Participate

If a candidates has decided that they would like to apply to participate in Small Donor Elections, they must turn in these forms:

Collecting Donations

When raising cash or money order contributions, campaigns must provide the program with a completed Donor Attestation Form, or a remit slip plus the completed grey box from the Donor Attestation Form:

We highly recommend asking donors on your remit slip to check a box confirming whether they live in Portland. This can help us validate whether they are a matchable donor under some circumstances. 

If a political committee or nonprofit wants to know if they qualify as a Small Donor Organization and can give according to those contribution limits, they may submit this form. Political committees and nonprofits that fit the definition may contribute to participating campaigns without submitting the application. 

Reporting Contrbutions and Expenditures

As candidates raise funds, they must report their contributions and expenditures to our office along the same timeline that they report to the Secretary of State’s office—every 30 days until the final 6 weeks, when it changes to every 7 days. allows campaigns to bulk upload the contributions instead of having to enter them individually. Here are the instructions for how to bulk upload contributions for participating campaigns. However, if you do not first ensure that addresses are written in the same format as they appear in the Voter Registration List, your matching funds may get delayed. Please ensure quadrants are abbreviated (SE, NE, SW, NW, S, N), street names are abbreviated (St, Ave, Dr, Blvd, etc.) and unit numbers are expressed as "Apt." It is also a good idea to enter contributors first names as they appear in the voter registration  instead of their nicknames (e.g. Alberto instead of Beto). 

Applying for Certification

Once candidates have met all certification requiremenst, they can then apply for certification. If candidates are certified, then they can begin receiving matching funds for their matchable contributions. You may only apply for certification twice. We highly recommend first asking our office for an assessment of your readiness to apply for certification by calling or emailing us.


These other forms are for unique circumstances throughout the election. Please contact our office if you have questions about them

Only after getting a response to the Request for Reconsideration form, may an appeal be filed with the City of Portland's Hearings Office.