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SDE Rules

This is a collection of the documents and resources outlining the rules candidates must follow when running under Small Donor Elections

When candidates choose to run under Small Donor Elections, they must comply with specific rules in order to receive city matching funds. Many of the rules are covered in the Candidate Guide and in the mandatory training that potential candidates must take before they can raise funds. And our office encourages candidates to reach out to us with any questions that they may have, to which we will respond quickly and confidentially. 

Here are the documents that contain the rules, guidelines, and procedures of the Small Donor Elections program:

Small Donor Elections Law 

Download PDF file Small Donor Elections Administrative Rules (185.29 Kb)

Download PDF file Guidance on Required Documentation for Contributions and Expenditures (89.32 Kb)

Download PDF file Online Donation Form Compliance Guide (154.55 Kb)

Download PDF file 2022 Donations and Expenses Reporting Schedule (119.3 Kb)


Susan Mottet

Director, Small Donor Elections

Daniel Lewkow

Deputy Director, Small Donor Elections