Portland Elections Commission Reviewing Small Donor Elections Program Performance in 2022


The City Council, by City Code, tasked the Portland Elections Commission to review the Small Donor Elections program’s performance after each election cycle. Now that the 2022 election is over, the Portland Elections Commission is beginning this process. It involves a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics, including user experience research.

Like every election cycle, the 360-degree review of the 2022 election cycle covers all aspects of program performance to evaluate whether it is well tailored to achieve program goals, including reviewing each element of program design, each step of participating in the program, the ease of compliance, investigations and penalties, program technology, and campaign contributor experience. 

Based on the review, the Portland Elections Commission will recommend to City Council changes to the Small Donor Elections Code, change Administrative Rules, and recommend changes in program practices to the Director. To see the previous election cycle’s evaluation, please click here to review the report on the 2020 election.