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These are the documents that campaigns can use during the election. The program forms are what candidates fill out and submit to the Office of Open and Accountable Elections. The program publications offer guidance on how to run under OAE
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Getting Started

Before applying to participate in Open and Accountable Elections, our office encourages candidates to review the Candidate Guide. It has helpful information about the rules, timelines, and matching formulas that candidates would run under. And candidates can use the guide to evaluate whether the program is right for their campaign

If a candidates has decided that they would like to apply to participate in Open and Accountable Elections, they must turn in these forms

Collecting Donations

When a candidate files their Notice of Intent, ACH Authorization, W9 Form, Statement of Organization, our office will review the application. We will then notify the candidate if the application is approved and they can start fundraising. Candidates should use and refer to these documents while raising funds:

Reporting Donations

As candidates raise funds, they must report their contributions and expenditures to our office every 14 days. This spreadsheet can serve as a helpful template

Applying for Certification

Once candidates have collected the required number of contributions, they can then apply for certification. If candidates are certified, then they can begin receiving matching funds for their eligible donations


These other forms are for unique circumstances throughout the election. Please contact our office if you have questions about them


Susan Mottet

Director, Small Donor Elections