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Reedway Safe Rest Village - 10550 SE Reedway St.

aerial view of Reedway SRV

This page published  3.16.22. Updated 06.04.24.

Reedway Safe Rest Village - (10550 SE Reedway St.)

Shelter Operator: Urban Alchemy

Phone Number: 971-269-0026

Referrals: Referrals are made directly by specific outreach workers only. We cannot accept self-referral or third-party referral requests at this time.

Shelter Capacity: 60 sleeping units (This is expanding to 120)

Shelter Type: Safe Rest Village, a temporary outdoor shelter, with case management, amenities, and mental and behavioral health services on-site.

Where: Southeast Portland

Open Since: July 2023

Address / Land Owner:  10550 SE Reedway St. / Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).

Acreage: Approx. 130,000 square feet.  

Map: Portland Maps linkGoogle Maps 

Reedway Expansion Update No. 5 (May 2024)

We are moving forward with current development. Shelter unit deliveries, installation of utilities, including bathroom and laundry units for more participants, are expected to begin in the near future. We sent a mailer detailing as such on May 27th, 2024

Reedway Expansion Update No. 4 (March 2024) 

Expansion construction begins mid-March. A container will be dropped off onsite. Additionally, there will be gravel put down to level the ground for walkability. We will also be installing security cameras onsite. A mailer was sent announcing the initial construction process on March 13th, 2024.

Reedway Expansion Update No. 3 (February 2024) 

We have confirmed the Reedway Safe Rest Village will double its capacity. It will now be a shelter with 120 units. We sent a mailer announcing this information to the community on February 2nd, 2024. 

Reedway Expansion Update No. 2 (January 2024)

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our listening session on January 22nd. We really appreciated your conversation, honesty, and participation in the process. 

If you were not able to attend, do not worry! We are working on a report, including notes from the event. Additionally, we did record the listening session, if you would prefer to hear from us directly. 

As always, if you have further feedback, please reach out at shelterservices@portlandoregon… or by phone at 503-823-1340.

Reedway Expansion Update No. 1 (January 2024) 

The houseless crisis continues. The need to provide safe, stable outdoor shelters with services for people experiencing houselessness not ready to move directly to housing continues. Our Safe Rest Village team receives daily requests for referrals from outreach staff, individuals in need, and people wanting to support their unhoused neighbors, among others. Clearly, we still need more services to meet current demand.

Given the need and given the extra space available at the Reedway Safe Rest Village site, the City will be expanding this shelter’s capacity in the coming months. We sent a mailer detailing the expansion, our listening opportunities, and the area where the shelter will expand. 

We want to hear from the community about how to make this expansion a success for both the community and village guests. We have a few ways people can share their thoughts and ideas: 

  • Email the team at shelterservices@portlandoregon…
  • Call and leave a voicemail at 503-823-1340
  • Writing us a letter: You can address it to “City Shelters Team, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Rm 901, Portland, OR 97204”
  • Attend our listening session. It will be held Monday, January 22nd, 2024 at 5:30-6:30 PM at The Pilgrim Lutheran Church (4244 SE 91st Ave., Portland, OR 97266) . We will also livestream the session on Zoom. You can find the link to join here. Come with your questions! Urban Alchemy and the City Shelter team will be present to listen. 
    • The Church is located close to the MAX Green Line. It can also be reached with bus lines 9 and 72, though you will have to walk a few blocks. 

We will continue to share updates here, but always feel free to reach out if you have further questions or concerns. 

On-Site Soil Sampling Results

Historic Concerns:

In the past, there were two concerns regarding soils at this site – both of which were addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

  • More than 5 years ago there was a case of small illegally dumped piles of soil with contaminants. Those piles were tested and removed in 2016.
  • There were some soil strippings from a nearby floodplain restoration project removed from the site in August 2020. The site was graded and capped with clean soil with appropriate approvals from DEQ.

Current Soil Sampling results:

To ensure that the SRV does not present a hazard to program participants, the SRV team requested that Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) do additional soil sampling and assessment in the area we plan to site the SRV.

Below are links to two documents: the first is the shorter Memo at the front of the results of the recent soil testing; the second is a much longer (321-page) and larger file size (21M) which includes the memo, as well as testing methodology, results, and recommendations for this current sampling (2022), as well as tests, results, and mitigation measures from 2016 and 2020. 

The project team will work with the Bureau of Environmental Services Coordinated Site Assessment Program and our contractors to follow the recommendations laid out in this report and to obtain the appropriate permits prior to construction to ensure the safety and success of the Safe Rest Village at this location.

 Community Guidelines 

Reedway Opening Announcement Mailer - Mailed 7/19/23

Construction Update - Mailed 5/25/23

We updated the neighbors on the Conex box delivery, and alerted them that shelter structures will be arriving soon, as well. 

Construction Announcement - Mailed 4/17/23

We sent a construction announcement to immediate neighbors of the Reedway Safe Rest Village site. You can find all language versions of the mailer here:

FAQ for this site:

A printable FAQ sheet for this site is available. It will be updated as things evolve.

The SRV team provided comprehensive answers to community questions raised over the past several months. Below is a link to the responses to those community questions. 

If you find that you have questions not addressed here, please reach out to our team at saferestvillages@portlandoregon…