Locations of City Shelters

A map of Portland with pinpoints for the locations of 10 shelter sites

This page was created Wednesday, 11.10.21 from information formerly on the project homepage. It has been updated several times, most recently on 5.16.24

ARPA Funded Shelters

Thanks to a federal grant to the City of Portland from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the City's Safe Rest Village team is adding to the mix of alternative shelters throughout Portland.  These are just some of the many shelters, each with different models, funding sources, and services, that collectively provide for those in need.  This County Joint Office of Homeless Services map shares the location and some information on the broader system of alternative shelters. 

Locations of Temporary Alternative Shelter (TASS) Sites

There are two Temporary Alternative Shelter (TASS) sites. You can find information on them both here: 

Locations of Safe Rest Village Sites

Below is a map of the locations for Safe Rest Villages.  For more information on each site, click on the headline above each map below.

Peninsula Crossing Trail SRV  - 6767 N Syracuse St 

Peninsula Crossing Trail SRV location (6631 N. Syracuse St.)

Menlo Park SRV - 12305 SE Ash Street 

Menlo Park Safe Rest Village location (12305 SE Ash St.)

Multnomah Village SRV  - 2731 SW Multnomah Blvd. 

Multnomah SRV location (2731 SW Multnomah Blvd.)

River District Navigation Center 

The City's Shelter Services is now managing the RDNC.

SE Reedway SRV - 10550 SE Reedway St

SE Reedway Village location (106th block of SE Reedway)

Sunderland RV Safe Park - 9827 NE Sunderland Ave. 

This site is Portland's first RV Safe Park Village.

Sunderland RV Safe Park site (9827 NE Sunderland)

BIPOC Village - 84 NE Weidler St 

BIPOC Village location (84 NE Weidler St.)

Queer Affinity Village - 2185 SW Naito Parkway 

Queer Affinity Village location (2185 SW Naito Pkwy)