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Learn more about when you need to apply for design review. Get required forms for a design review like the application for land use reviews and the early assistance application. Learn more about design review requirements and approval criteria.
Submit a form to designate an agent for your property, to act on your behalf for City energy performance reporting. Designating an agent is optional for owners.
The Drugs and Vice Division aims to reduce crime and improve neighborhood livability in the community. Members of the community can assist in this effort by reporting drug complaints and concerns.
Get information about early assistance options, city planner meetings, zoning confirmation letters, pre-permit zoning plan checks and more.
Get help with a new project proposal in the City of Portland. Find the early assistance application and review a land use fee schedule.
Find out how to get a commercial electrical permit and commercial electrical inspection. Get all required forms for a commercial electrical permit including the electrical permit application. Any electrical work in a commercial building needs a commercial electrical permit.
Get the electrical permit application and apply for electrical permits online. Find out how to get an electrical permit for a 1–2 family home and schedule an inspection. Review what you need to install new outlets or light fixtures, run new wiring or update a fuse box.
BHR provides employment verification for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications, apartment leases, and anything that requires proof of employment.
Complete this form to indicate the primary contact who will coordinate compliance with the policy requirements.
Get an estimate for your City of Portland building permit. Find out how much it costs to build a new building. Review building permit fees, other fees, system development charges and trade permit fees.
Learn about adding a fence to residential property in the City of Portland. Get all required forms for a residential fence permit including the building permit application. Get information on fence inspections. Find all the steps for getting a fence permit.
Instructions on how to file a disability claim with Fire and Police Disability and Retirement.
File a building code appeal, electrical code appeal, mechanical code appeal or a plumbing code appeal. File appeal forms and pay appeal fees by mail or online. Get help with filing your appeal.
Liability claims can be for personal injury, property damage or for damages or losses that involve a city vehicle. See the two options below and choose the correct form to file.

Claimant must submit a claim within 180 days of the incident.

Print out forms (English or Spanish) to file a statement of claim for property seized under civil forfeiture laws.
If you received a loan from a payday lender and you have a complaint, please fill out the complaint form below and mail it to the City of Portland.
Learn how to file an extension of the 120-day review period. Use this form to request an extension of the 120-day review period for up to an additional 245 days.
File a complaint against a driver or company operating a for-Hire transportation service in Portland.
File building code, electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
Operators of hotel/motel lodgings must file transient lodgings tax quarterly or monthly reports with the Revenue Division.

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