COVID-19 Freeze for Multnomah County

The four-week (minimum) freeze is in effect through December 16th.

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Tours of the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Check back for updates.
Request a trade permit extension from the City of Portland.
Request a trade permit reactivation from the City of Portland.
Find out which trade permits you can purchase online and which trade permits require plan review. Get information about trade permits available online and permits that can't be purchased online.
Portland hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rental operators who provide lodging on a non-permanent basis for eight or more days in a calendar year and/or operators who advertise or market space for rent to the general public are required to register within 15 days of the start of business.
The Portland Police Bureau has partnered with GovDeals.com to sell unclaimed property left at the Portland Police Bureau's Property and Evidence division.
Review the land use fee schedule for unincorporated Multnomah County.
Fire and Police Disability and Retirement (FPDR) members can update their phone number, address, email, family status.
Update tax withholding from my pension payment
Use this form to update the Revenue Division with your new address for the arts tax. If you moved out of Portland at any time during the year, you are still liable for the arts tax for that year.
Use this form when you have been given notice of Portland City Code Title 11 violation(s), and believe the findings are in error. You must file within 15 days of your notice.
An Intellectual Property License Agreement is required for the commercial use of the Portland Oregon Sign. Commercial use does not include personal use, such as photos of yourself that are shared amongst friends and family.
Here you can search the City's payments to vendors.
Bull Run watershed tours offer the unique chance to see firsthand how Portland's drinking water travels from forest to faucet.
The Portland Archives & Records Center is closed at this time. Staff are telecommuting and can respond to some reference questions via email. You can search our online database anytime at www.portlandoregon.gov/efiles. If you have questions, please email parc@portlandoregon.gov.
Anyone who lives or works in Portland can take NET training. Over 2,800 volunteers have completed basic training. Join them today.
Want to help your neighbors after an earthquake and volunteer at your nearest BEECN location?

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