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Quick links to applications for building permits, trade permits and zoning permits. Get step-by-step instructions for how to apply for a permit. Find out what to include with your application to make sure it is complete. Then, apply for a permit online.
This application must accompany requests for building permits, site development permits and zoning permits. You can find quick links to the separate electrical permit, mechanical permit and the plumbing permit application forms and the simple erosion control requirements form, too.
Learn more about Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) permits in the City of Portland. Get all required forms for an ADU permit. Get information about ADU inspections for basement apartments, granny flats, in-law units, mother-in-law apartments, rental units, secondary units and adding another dwelling.
Learn about the building code appeal review process. For electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals, find out how the review and reconsideration process works. Find the Board of Appeals (Big Board) process information.
Learn more about what you need to apply for an adult care home permit in City of Portland. Learn about required inspection for Adult Foster Care Homes.
Learn more about land use review and final plat applications in the City of Portland. Find out where to send your application.
You can apply for residential and commercial building permits (including revisions and deferred submittals), and trade permits (electrical, plumbing and mechanical) online or in person. Submit a building permit application online or pay for a permit online with Development Hub PDX.
This handout explains how to change the use or occupancy of a building in the City of Portland.
Look up the status of a City of Portland building permit using Portland Maps.
Look up the status of a City of Portland building permit review using Portland Maps.
Get the results of a City of Portland building inspection using PortlandMaps.
You've corrected your plans in response to the checksheets. In this tutorial, learn how to organize your updated plans with the old plans, complete the checksheet response form, and schedule a drop-off appointment. The checksheet response form is included. Note: This is for Paper Plans only!
Learn about applying for a decommission permit in the City of Portland, in Multnomah County. Get all required forms to decommission a cesspool, septic tank or seepage pit.
Get an estimate for your City of Portland building permit. Find out how much it costs to build a new building. Review building permit fees, other fees, system development charges and trade permit fees.
File a building code appeal, electrical code appeal, mechanical code appeal or a plumbing code appeal. File appeal forms and pay appeal fees by mail or online. Get help with filing your appeal.
File building code, electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
Look up sewer information using Portland Maps.
Learn more about how to sign up for FIR and get paired with a senior inspector in the City of Portland.
Learn about permit requirements for jacuzzis, ponds, swimming pools and other water features in the City of Portland. Get applications for hot tub permits, inground pool permits, pond permits, spa permits and other permits for water features.
Find out how to research deed information for a property in Multnomah County. This may be needed when applying for Lot Confirmation or Property Line Adjustment Reviews. Research Multnomah County deed records online.