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Apply for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) permit online. Get required forms for a complete ADU permit application and apply online. Learn about ADU inspections for basement apartments, granny flats, in-law units, mother-in-law apartments, rental units, secondary units and adding another dwelling.
Apply online for residential addition permits that enlarge the footprint of a single-family home or duplex. Get all required forms for a residential addition like adding a bedroom. Find information on addition permits and inspections. Learn more before you add a room to a home or remodel a home.
Information on permits and inspections needed to convert an attic, basement or garage. Get all forms and apply for a permit online to remodel an attic, finish a basement or do a garage remodel. Find information on the permit process and check permit history before you add a room or add a bedroom.
Apply online for residential building permits for adding and replacing decks in Portland. Get all required forms for a deck permit, roof deck permit and balcony permit including the building permit application. Get information about deck inspections and what's required for a completed application.
Apply online for residential demolition permits and permits for demolishing a building in the City of Portland. Get all forms for a residential demo permit including the building permit application. Find information about demolition inspections and get information about major alterations.
Apply for a fence permit online. Learn about adding a fence to a residential property in Portland. Get all required application forms and information you need for a complete fence permit application. Get information on fence inspections and setbacks. Find all the steps for getting fence permits.
Sign up for this specialized permits program and work with one City of Portland senior inspector for your entire project. Get guidance on your permits and find out if you qualify for this building permits concierge program. Apply to be a FIR contractor in this unique permits assistance program now.
Apply online for a building permit. Get all required applications and forms for carport permits, garage permits, shed permits and cargo container permits. Find information on building permit inspections for garages, sheds and accessory structures. Everything you need for a complete application.
Learn more about major residential alteration and addition permits in the City of Portland. Get forms for major alterations removing 50% or more of exterior walls above the foundation or major additions adding more than 500 square feet of space. MRAA permits have notification and delay requirements.
Apply online for a permit. Get information, required forms and helpful handouts for residential building permits for manufactured homes in the City of Portland. Learn about the mobile home permit review process and inspections and factory built home permits and modular home permits.
Apply for a building permit to build a dormer or a new upper story to a single-family dwelling or duplex. Get all required forms for remodeling a dormer. Find information on permits and inspections to add a bedroom or to add a room to a home. Learn what's needed for a complete application.
Apply for a building permit for a new home build in Portland. Get a permit application and all required forms for building a new home. Find information on new house permits and new home inspections. Before you build, learn what you need for a complete application for new construction here.
What you need for residential building permits and inspections for houses, duplexes and two-unit townhouses. Get links to forms and information about residential building projects. Read about setbacks and find more information about specific building permit type. Homeowners, start here.
Apply for a residential retaining wall permit in the City of Portland. Get the building permit application and helpful forms for a complete retaining wall permit application. Then, apply online for a retaining wall residential permit. Find out if you need a permit for a retaining wall.
Find out how to get a simple bathroom permit in the City of Portland. Get a bathroom permit without drawing plans. Learn more about how to apply and start a simple bathroom permit application.