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Services and Resources

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To submit a public records request or check the status of an existing public records request.
Request specific records maintained within a City bureau.
City of Portland Website
Interactive map for the Anti-Displacement Action Plan project
Follow these instructions to have the City of Portland perform a lien search.
You may submit a written request not to disclose sensitive information about you in legal matters.
BuySpeed is the vendor portal for doing business with the City of Portland.
Submit a request to change City code and regulations in order to improve City building and land use zoning and rules to foster development.
This is a fee-based service that's usually used to do searches as part of real estate transactions. For one time or infrequent searches, we recommend contacting a title company to perform the search for you.
Shops that buy and sell property that is frequently the subject of theft (“regulated property”) must get a permit. This permit needs to be renewed each year.