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Project Timeline for Safe Rest Villages


This page originally published Thursday 9.23.21; updated Tuesday 11.10.21

When are we announcing the Safe Rest Villages sites? 

Commissioner Ryan’s Office and the Safe Rest Villages team have been working in coordination with partners at the Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program, the Joint Office of Homeless Services, and a wide range of stakeholders to review sites proposed by the community, those offered as surplus for consideration by the City of Portland property-owning bureaus, and other public and private property owners.  

Lessons learned from the urgent siting that occurred for the C3PO sites at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic are being applied to ensure that we work both swiftly—now that funding to move forward has become available—and smartly, to ensure the long-term success of each site. 

Locations for the new safe rest villages will be announced as we know them.  See this page for information about locations. 

What’s taking so long? The need for these sites is urgent.

The effort to move forward with Safe Rest Villages has already cleared several significant milestones. In April 2021, City Council unanimously supported the Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) changes that approved City Code changes needed for the legal and safe placement of outdoor shelters. In addition to these critical Code changes to facilitate the development of these new spaces, City Council also unanimously approved funding Safe Rest Villages as one of the American Rescue Plan projects. This set the stage for the work now underway—staffing the Safe Rest Villages team, finalizing site selection, mobilizing development of these sites, establishing management models, and ultimately recruiting residents. 

The Safe Rest Villages team is actively in the construction management phasesecuring contractors, vendors, navigating the procurement process, and identifying the permitting needs for potential sites. We are also engaged in conversations with property owners. 

The construction timeline is subject to strict procurement protocols due to federal funding guidelines. Our team is working closely with the City’s grant management team to streamline the process as much as possible while ensuring compliance and are hoping to bring on an additional grant management staffer to expedite this work. 

Setting Safe Rest Villages up for success is critical, so forethought on everything from community integration to amenities needed for safe, hygienic, and stable living, from access points for delivery and services to utility hookups all need to be considered. 

We are taking lessons from early decisions made just after the onset of COVID when three C3PO sites were located very quickly to provide safe, socially distanced spaces for those living on the streets. One of these villages is now being moved to address and improve upon site considerations that were missed during the haste to place villages during the early days of the pandemic, and a second will be moved within the next year. We are working hard to put lessons learned from that process to use for new, federally-funded Safe Rest Villages.