Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village - 6767 N Syracuse St

Drone shot of Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village

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This page was published on 3.16.22. Updated 8.17.23.

Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village - 6767 N. Syracuse St.

Shelter Operator: Urban Alchemy

Referrals: Referrals are made directly by specific outreach workers only. We cannot accept self-referral or third-party referral requests at this time.

Phone Number: 971-269-0024

  • Please DO NOT call this number to report an unsanctioned camp. If there is camping in the area, please call 311 to report it to the Impact Reduction Program. 

Shelter Capacity: 60 sleeping units

Shelter Type: Safe Rest Village, a temporary alternative shelter, with case management, amenities, and mental and behavioral health services on-site.

Open Since: May 2023

Square Footage: Approximately 14,600 square feet

Where: North Portland

Address / Land Owner: 6767 N Syracuse St. / Portland Housing Bureau (PHB)

Links to the location on maps:Portland Maps linkGoogle Maps link.

Site map of the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village

What about the plan for housing on this location?

The Portland Housing Bureau has plans for this site. 

In the next few years, this site will be redeveloped into townhomes designed to provide those previously displaced from this neighborhood an opportunity to purchase a home in the area. You can read about the Housing Bureau's plans for the Carey Boulevard site on their website. Habitat for Humanity is slated to be the developer, and the work is funded through the Metro Affordable Housing Bond.

This is all a larger part of the N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy being implemented through various parts of the City. 

What about the goats?

We love the goats, and we know the community does too.  Working with our partners (and the landowners) at the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB), we relocated the goats a short distance to the south.  They remain on the same PHB plot, and share the space with the Village, until the future housing is built.

Please look at the Belmont Goats website if you would like to learn more about them or volunteer!

Goat looking for food

 Community Guidelines 

Construction Updates shared with housed and unhoused neighbors

For Housed Neighbors:

For Unhoused Neighbors:

FAQ for this site:

These FAQs were created during the building process. They are outdated, but represent a good representation of the questions and concerns we received during the building process. 

We gathered more community concerns and questions and gathered them into a more updated document. 

A printable FAQ sheet for this site is available. It will be updated as things evolve.

Responses to community questions asked of the SRV team in Feb. 2022. The responses reflect the answers at the time.  

This site will be updated as things evolve.  There is much more information on linked pages, but if you find that you have questions not addressed here, please reach out to our team at saferestvillages@portlandoregon…