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Commissioner Ryan marching in the early 90's in Seattle for gay rights

Commissioner Ryan is a born and bred Portlander and the third elected queer-identifying Portland City Commissioner; Commissioner Ryan has been living with HIV and advocating for gay rights for decades, and he is one of only several openly HIV/AIDS-positive elected officials in our nation's history. Commissioner Ryan is a proud theater kid and has roots in Portland's arts and culture scene—he works to invest in Portland's diverse arts community, represent LGBTQI+ Portlanders, and support the cultural fabric of our river city. 

This elder queer is here for progress. 

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A photo of Portland icon Darcelle, Commissioner Ryan, and several friends.
  • Commissioner Ryan championed the City of Portland's First World Aids Day Proclamation—increasing visibility on ending the HIV epidemic, reducing stigma around HIV and AIDS, and increasing awareness and knowledge about transmission and treatment.
  • Commissioner Ryan participated in the 2022 Tongan Day of Remembrance—acknowledging the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano eruption on January 15th and demonstrating solidarity with Tongan Portlanders who struggled to connect with their loved ones amid the natural disaster.

  • Commissioner Ryan lead the historic 2021 Darcelle Day proclamation—celebrating and honoring Portland’s oldest drag club and home to the longest-running drag show on the West Coast.
  • Commissioner Ryan participated in a panel hosted by MusicPortland, affirming his commitment to connect the dots on public safety, improving houselessness, and stimulating a post-pandemic economy.
  • Commissioner Ryan co-led City Council's 2021 Portland Pride declaration.
  • Commissioner Ryan spoke at Bybee Lakes Hope Center in December for the Domicile Unknown report— recognizing and honoring the deaths of residents experiencing houselessness.
  • Commissioner Ryan is an avid supporter of the Portland Rose Festival and supports as the City's official liaison.. He has supported economic recovery efforts including the comeback Portland Rose Festival on May 27, 2022.
  • Voted in favor of expanding abortion access.