BIPOC Village - 84 NE Weidler St.

Fence at BIPOC village

This page was first published  8.5.22

BIPOC Village - 84 NE Weidler Street

Shelter Operator: All Good NW

Shelter Capacity: 38 sleeping units

Shelter Type: Alternative Shelter, supporting members of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community,

Where: Lloyd District

Address / Land Owner: 84 NE Weidler St. Prosper Portland is the land owner.

Links to the location on maps:Portland Maps linkGoogle Maps link.

The City of Portland established the BIPOC Village as an emergency shelter shortly after the pandemic, using City General Funds to help address social distancing requirements in congregate shelters at the time. 

Covered gathering space and shared facility structures at BIPOC Village
This covered gathering space allows program participants at the BIPOC Village to gather for meetings, music, and other group activities. The blue boxes house the shared amenities - the kitchenette in one, and showers/restrooms/laundry in the other.

Over the past couple of years, it has evolved. The City moved BIPOC Village from its original location on SE Water Ave to its current site in the summer of 2021.  Site improvements over time have seen upgrades from portables with minimal amenities and services.  Today, with help from the SRV team the village has  shared restrooms/showers/laundry facilities, a kitchenette, a covered gather space and other physical improvements. 

Regarding services, in partnership with the County's Joint Office of Homeless Services, All Good Northwest was hired as the shelter operator in October 2021. They have helped many program participants navigate to housing from the village during the time since then. 

This site will be updated as things evolve.  There is much more information on linked pages, but if you find that you have questions not addressed here, please reach out to our team at saferestvillages@portlandoregon…