Captioning and transcription policy

Information on closed captioning and transcription policy for City-posted content.

The City of Portland welcomes the public to view its websites, including video and audio content. In August 2013, the City implemented a captioning policy in order to increase the accessibility of video and audio materials to individuals with hearing loss. The details of the captioning policy are outlined in BTS Admin Rule 3.04.

In compliance with the captioning policy, City of Portland bureaus will provide captioning or transcription for video and audio content developed for public use after September 1, 2013.

Please note there may be video and audio content or links on City websites that are not captioned or transcribed, e.g. content produced by community groups or another third-party for their own purpose which have been included by the City to provide additional useful information to viewers.

The City of Portland's captioning policy does not extend to other organizations' video and audio content. The City does encourage all organizations developing video and audio content for public use to consider captioning as a means of increasing access to individuals with hearing loss.