File a claim against the City

Liability claims can be for personal injury, property damage or for damages or losses that involve a city vehicle. See the two options below and choose the correct form to file.

Claimant must submit a claim within 180 days of the incident.

Please allow at least 45 days for the Risk liability team to investigate your claim.

Select, download, fill out form

Any claim against the city must be in writing. You should enter accurate, complete information on your claim form. Please describe your event and explain your damages.

For property damage you may need to include receipts, estimates, photos, or an itemized list of damages.

For injury claims we may ask for your Social Security number. We will also need information about your treatment, and copies of medical bills.

File a general liability claim against the City

General liability claims are for all personal injury and/or property damage claims against the city that do not involve a city vehicle. 

File an auto liability claim against the City

 Auto liability claims are for claims involving damages or losses caused by a city owned vehicle.

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Risk Management - Liability Claims

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