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Residential Rental Registration Fee and Jointly Owned Properties

Tax Administration Policy for City of Portland Business License Tax related to the Residential Rental Registration (RRR) Fee and jointly owned properties.

Tax Administration Policy - Residential Rental Registration Fee and Jointly Owned Properties

Portland City Code 7.02.890 Residential Rental Registration (RRR) Program requires owners of residential rental property to annually provide a schedule of residential rental properties owned and pay a fee for each residential rental unit. This fee is in addition to the City of Portland’s Business License Tax. 

Some rental properties are jointly owned by two or more persons who file separate federal tax returns (e.g., Tenants in Common). In these situations, each owner files a separate Combined Tax Return reporting their share of rental income. While each owner files a separate Combined Tax Return, only one owner will pay the RRR unit(s) fees.

The owner(s) that will file a Schedule R and pay the per unit fee(s) for the jointly owned rental properties will include the schedule and payment with the Combined Tax Return. All other owners will include a statement with their Combined Tax Returns identifying the jointly owned properties and the taxpayer(s) that will pay the fee. The statement should include the following information.

  • Name and BZT account number of the owner(s) that will report/pay the RRR fee
  • Address of the jointly owned properties
  • Whether the property has been sold or disposed of during the year.

The non-paying owner(s) should complete Schedule R and refer to the attached statement, but should not include unit(s) that are paid by another owner, as listed on the statement, in the “Total Number of all units owned as of the last day of the tax year” on Schedule R. Units that are not owned or reported by another owner should be listed on Schedule R per the form instructions.

4/13/2022                                    Thomas Lannom
Date                                              Director

Adopted: 4/13/2022