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Arts Education & Access Fund Citizen Oversight Committee Meeting

Public Meeting
Arts Education & Access Fund Citizen Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting to review the expenditures, progress, and outcomes of the Arts Education & Access Fund (Arts Tax).
7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Connection Instructions

Zoom Meeting ID: 579 183 9895

Passcode: iSu0TC


Dial-in numbers:

• +1 719 359 4580 US

• +1 253 205 0468 US

• +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

Meeting ID: 579 183 9895

Passcode: 490924


  1. Greetings/Introductions                                                               10 minutes
  2. Public Comment                                                                              5 minutes
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes                                           2 minutes
    1. Materials: Meeting notes from 13 April 2023.
    2. Meeting Preparation: Please review the prior meeting’s notes in advance of the meeting. We will not review them during the meeting but instead will vote on adoption.
  4. Portland's New Arts Education Coordinator                          5 minutes
    City Arts Manager Jeff Hawthorne will introduce Portland’s newly-hired Arts Education Coordinator Dawn Isaacs, who will then share a little bit about herself.
    Dawn Isaacs is an education leader with 25 years of experience teaching and leading in public, public charter, and independent schools around the country. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in educational leadership. Dawn has taught elementary school, designed and implemented professional learning, facilitated curriculum alignment, and led teams of educators. A seeker of new experiences, she was a founding faculty member of a public school serving military families in Key West, served as the curator of education for a maritime museum, and taught English as a Foreign Language in Costa Rica. For the past five years Dawn has been the head of Preschool through Fifth Grade at Catlin Gabel School in Portland. She enjoys hiking, sailing, and neighborhood walks. Dawn is a firm believer of the important role the arts play in children’s lives and loves attending concerts, plays, and art exhibits with her two young children.
  5. Revenue Update                                                                           10 minutes
    City of Portland Revenue will provide an update on two items.
    1. A high-level overview of the most recent AEAF Revenue Report (10 March 2023): 2. Response to Regional Economist Perspective. A recent (May 13) Oregonian story on the impacts of Portland's population decline contained a specific reference to the Arts Tax attributed to Amy Vander Vliet, Portland area regional economist with the Oregon Employment Department: "Vander Vliet said certain taxes collected from Portland City residents, such as its arts and the Preschool for All taxes, and the revenue from those would be impacted."
    Questions to be discussed by Revenue:
    a. Does Revenue agree with Ms. Vander Vliet's view that population decline will impact AEAF revenues?
    b. Based on the above, what is expected for the AEAF for the next few years?
        a. Materials: Revenue report from 10 March 2023.
        b. Meeting Preparation: Please review the March revenue report in advance of the meeting and come prepared with any clarifying questions.
  6. Annual Meeting of Portland-area Superintendents           15 minutes
    AOC representatives Margo Norton and Hana Layson will review key elements of the meeting.
    a. Materials: AOC Summary of 26 May Superintendent’s Meeting b. Meeting Preparation: Please review the meeting summary in advance of the meeting and come prepared with any clarifying questions.
  7. Bylaws                                                                                              15 minutes
    1. Materials: Cover memo and bylaws templates (Version 2 and Version 1).
    2. Outcomes: AOC to vote to direct the AOC Chair to work with the Arts Manager to RESOLVE the substantive issues identified in accordance with the February 8 AOC guiding principles; to CLARIFY and/or EDIT sections identified in this memo; and to PROCEED to secure final city approval of Bylaws Version 2. 
    3. Meeting Preparation: Please read the materials in advance of the meeting. We will not be reviewing the joint bylaws but will discuss:
      1. Prior AOC Bylaws Guidance
        1. Independent oversight and advisory role
        2. Conforming to best oversight practices
      2. Substantive, Acceptable and Clarifying Changes
  8. City Arts Manager Update                                                            10 minutes
    1. ​​​Materials: City Arts Manager Report.
    2. Outcomes: AOC receives City Arts Manager updates on:
      1. City Perceptions of Superintendent’s Meeting
      2. TSCC Transition/Begin Process for Appointment of TSCC Replacement
      3. Other agenda items TBD
    3. Meeting Preparation: Please review the above list of expected updates and identify any questions/concerns/clarification requests for the Arts Manager before the meeting.
  9. AOC Annual Report(s) to Council                                                    5 minutes
    Topics to be discussed with Darion Jones, Arts Policy Advisor to Commissioner Ryan.
    A. General process for submitting/presenting AOC reports to Council
    B. Current plan and timeline for submitting/presenting the 20/21 and 21/22 reports
    C. Current plan for AOC involvement in the presentation of the 20/21 and 21/22 reports
    D. Meeting Preparation: Please review the above list of questions and identify any comments/concerns/clarification requests before the meeting.
  10. Next Steps/Other Items                                                                5 minutes
    1. Other agenda items TBD
  11. Close