Arts Education & Access Fund Citizen Oversight Committee Meeting

Public Meeting
Arts Education & Access Fund Citizen Oversight Committee (AOC) meeting to review the expenditures, progress, and outcomes of the Arts Education & Access Fund (Arts Tax).
6:30 pm 7:30 pm


  1. Greetings/Introductions                                                                           5 minutes
  2. Discussion/Approval of Final Draft AOC  Report to Council         15 minutes
    1. Materials: Final draft report
    2. Outcomes: AOC approved final report to share with city staff (City Arts Manager, EIC Arts Liaison, others as needed) and with council via summary presentation.
    3. Meeting Preparation: Please read the final draft report in advance of the meeting.  We will not be reviewing the report again in detail, only discussing committee member objections (if any).

Approach:  Jenn leads the discussion, working to obtain consensus approval or consensus-approved changes from AOC committee members.

Next Steps: Jenn will make any last changes to the report, and then share the AOC’s report with city staff (City Arts Manager, EIC Arts Liaison, others as needed). City staff may request changes or modifications to the report. Any substantive changes the city suggests  will require the consideration and/or approval of the full AOC committee and may impact the timeline for the AOC presentation to council.

  1. Discussion and Direction on Preparing Bylaws Proposal             20 minutes
    1. Materials: Cover memo, annotated bylaws template
    2. Outcomes: AOC direction to guide delegated members in meeting with city staff to complete a final bylaws proposal for AOC approval prior to submitting for city approval
    3. Meeting Preparation: Please read the materials in advance of the meeting.  We will not be reviewing the template section by section but focusing primarily on sections that impact:
      1. AOC independence 
        1. Advisory Role to Council 
        2. Selection of Chair by vote of the members
        3. Role of EIC now, during and after charter change implementation
        4. Roles of Bureau (which one?), Arts Manager and Staff Liaison/Coordinator
      2. AOC Operations
        1. Size of committee:  Range or specific number (impacts quorum, majority, vacancies)
        2. Use of an Executive Committee empowered to conduct business between regular meetings of AOC.

Approach:  Jenn and Margo will lead the discussion, summarize the guidance AEAF members have given,  and begin discussions with City staff.  AOC will make formal approval of the proposal, or a recommendation on any areas we are not able to resolve. 

Next Steps: Jenn and Margo meet with city staff (City Arts Manager, EIC Arts Liaison, others as needed) and return to AOC for final approval .   

  1. City Arts Manager Update                                                           15 minutes
    1. Materials: Post-charter reform org. chart illustrating key staff/stakeholders for AOC
      (City Arts Manager to prepare for meeting/share at meeting)
    2. Outcomes: AOC receives City Arts Manager updates on:
      1. Key City Arts Partners/Stakeholders as of 2023
      2. Status/Timeline of Hiring New AEAF Coordinator
      3. Current Status of City Coordination with School Districts
        (How is it currently being handled as the coordinator is not yet in place?)
      4. School Enrollment and School Year 2023/2024 Arts Staffing
    3. Meeting Preparation: Please review the above list of expected updates and identify any questions/concerns/clarification requests for the City Arts Manager in advance of the meeting.
  1. Next Steps                                                                                       5 minutes
    1. Updated Revenue Reports (should have already been received by AOC, review if not already done)
    2. Standing meeting (survey to follow, please complete when received)
    3. New Contracts Sub-committee Chair
    4. Other agenda items?
  2. Close