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Manuals and Standards for Public Works Permitting

Find commonly used technical resources for public works permitting projects including transportation, sewer, stormwater, trees, and water manuals and standards.
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City Manuals and Standards

ADA guides and standards

City of Portland construction standards (documents and forms, details and drawings, specifications, etc.)

Material Submittal Lists

City of Portland survey benchmarks

Erosion and Sediment Control Manual

Sewer and Stormwater

Environmental Services Construction Products List

Sewer and Drainage Facilities Design Manual (Environmental Services)

Source Control Manual (Environmental Services)

Stormwater Management Manual (Environmental Services)


Design Guide for Public Street Improvements (Admin Rule TRN1.10)

Portland Pedestrian Design Guide

Transportation – Signals and Street Lighting

Transportation – Streetcar

Portland Streetcar Track Access Permit (online permit application and information)

Urban Forestry

Approved Street Tree Planting Lists

Title 11 Trees

Trees and Development

Tree Permits and Regulations


Water standards