Clean Air Construction Assistance - Grants and Other Resources

Technical assistance and financial resources for diesel equipment owners to help comply with Clean Air Construction requirements.

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Resources for COBID Certified Firms and Small firms

The following assistance is available at no-cost for qualifying small or COBID certified firms working on a project with Clean Air Construction requirements: 

  • Engine retrofit assessments: we offer assistance to determine if an engine retrofit is right for your equipment. Find out more information here
  • Fleet Assessments: a consultant will schedule a time to look at any non-road diesel equipment, on-road dump trucks, or on-road concrete mixers and determine their EPA emission tier. The consultant will characterize the compliance status of equipment and help you to develop a Clean Air Construction compliance plan. You can also receive assistance registering equipment in the online registration system The Yard
  • Grants Assistance: support is available to help find, prepare and submit grants to fund the transition to cleaner equipment. Find more information about clean diesel grants in the section below, and contact us to request assistance.

Contact Kevin Downing with Skookum Environmental Advisors to request a fleet assessments or assistance with grants: 503.539.0610 or You can also visit their website at: 

Clean Diesel Grants 

There are a variety of grant programs available to owners of older diesel equipment or vehicles who are interested in retrofits, repowers, or replacements. The amount of the award per equipment/vehicle depends on the program, the type of equipment/vehicle, and the type of action proposed (retrofit, repower or replacement).  Often, grant programs fully fund emission control device retrofits, but will only cover a percentage of the cost associated with an engine repower or equipment/vehicle replacement. 

Check the following links for more information about federal and State of Oregon grants related to clean diesel.


The Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) National Grants Program provides funds for retrofitting or replacing older diesel equipment and vehicles.

Oregon DEQ Clean Diesel Grants 

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is providing approximately $8 million this year in grant funding for diesel equipment owners to replace older and more polluting diesel engines with new, cleaner technologies and exhaust control retrofits. The program is designed to help address health and environmental impacts from diesel emissions in Oregon.  Funding application is open through May 30th, 2024. 

Business, government and tribal diesel equipment owners across the state are invited to apply for funding for projects that reduce diesel emissions in Oregon. Visit the DEQ Diesel Emissions Mitigation Grants program web page to:

  • Learn about eligible diesel projects
  • Register on DEQ’s grant web portal
  • Apply for funding using the Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant User Guide

Owners of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles requiring retrofits under the new Diesel Retrofit Compliance Program may also apply for funding to support the installation of diesel particulate filters.

Do you need technical assistance in applying for these grant funds?

  • Reach out to DEQ's technical assistance staff by emailing
  • For COBID certified and small firms - utilize the City's free fleet assessment services (more detailed information above)

How do I know how much could I qualify for?


For nonroad equipment, this is a two-step process:

  • Step 1: Verify equipment requirements based on your engine horsepower (HP)
  • Step 2: Review funding limits for different upgrade options
Step 1: Nonroad Diesel DERA and Diesel Emissions Mitigation Grant Program Covered Equipment

All equipment must operate 500+ hours per year

Nonroad Equipment TypeEligibility Requirements
0-50 HP2006 and newer
51-300 HP1996 and newer
301+ HP1986 and newer
Step 2: Nonroad Diesel DERA and Diesel Emissions Mitigation Grant Program Funding Availability
Nonroad Upgrade OptionEmissions Mitigation ActionFunding Limits
Engine replacementAll-electric engine60%
Diesel or alternative fuel engine
Engine 2019 model year or newer
Equipment replacementAll-electric equipment
Engine 2019 model year or newer
Diesel or alternative fuel equipment
Powered by 2019 model year or newer engine
RetrofitEPA or CARB verified exhaust control technologies100%

On-road vehicles, including diesel dump trucks and concrete mixers, with engine model year 1992-2009 are eligible for funding. , funding limits are determined by the age of the engine and the emissions mitigation action being taken: 

On-Road Upgrade OptionEmissions Mitigation ActionFunding Limits
Engine replacementAll-electric engine75%
Diesel or alternative fuel engine
Engine 2020 model year or newer
Vehicle replacementAll-electric equipment
2020 model year or newer
Diesel or alternative fuel equipment
Powered by 2020 model year or newer engine

Diesel Engine Emissions Retrofit Technologies

Information from The Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA) on available diesel emission retrofit technologies

List of diesel engine retrofit and repower firms in Oregon, as recognized by Oregon DEQ. (Scroll to bottom of page.)

Diesel Engine Related Podcasts

Diesel Emissions Explained - from the Diesel Performance Podcast.  This podcase provides an overview of diesel emission systems in an on-road vehicle.  Note that this link is provided as information only and does not represent an endorsement of the podcast or its sponsors or advertisers by the City or partner agencies. 

Clean Air Construction Small Grants Program 

Clean Air Construction financial assistance small grants. Applications are now closed and will reopen in Summer/Fall 2024. 

You can register here to apply through the City of Portland's grant web portal to be notified when the grant opens again.