Find Zoning Regulations and Zoning Maps

Find zoning regulations for a site and search zoning maps.

To find zoning regulations for a site, you must first find the site on official zoning maps. The appropriate map will show the base zone that is applied to the site. It will also show if the site is subject to any overlay zones or plan districts, and if the site contains a historical landmark or recreational trail. You then look up all the corresponding regulations in the zoning code.

Check zoning online

Check your zoning online using one of these search types:

Reading zoning maps

  • Base Zones- Shown as a combination of capital letters and numbers on a zoning map (such as R5, RM1, CM3 or IG2). All properties within the City of Portland have a base zone. There are residential zones, commercial zones, employment, industrial and campus institutional zones.
  • Overlay Zones - Shown as lower case letters following the base zone designation. For example, an R5s zone has an ‘R5’ base zone and an ‘s’ overlay zone. Overlay zones consist of regulations that address specific subjects in particular areas in the City.
  • Comprehensive Plan - Shown as a base zone and overlay zone in parenthesis next to the base zone and overlay zone on the zoning map. For example, a site might have the zoning of R5 (R2.5) representing a Base Zone of R5 and a comprehensive plan zoning designation of R2.5. The zoning on a site may be changed to the comprehensive plan zoning designation through a Zoning Map Amendment if approval criteria are met.
  • Plan Districts, Historic Districts, and Conservation Districts - The boundaries of these districts are shown on zoning maps. In PortlandMaps, you can find these districts listed under the zoning section of the maps page.

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