Narrow Lots in the R20 through R2.5 zones

Lots that are less than 32 feet wide are called Narrow Lots.

Additional requirements apply for narrow lots:

  • Lots less than 26 feet in width must be developed with attached houses unless it is not possible due to existing development on the adjacent sites.
  • Maximum height is 1.5 times the width of the structure up to the maximum height of the zone (does not apply to attached houses)
  • Front yard landscaping is required (see 33.110.260.C.4.)
    Diagram showing a tree in front of a house as an example of front yard landscaping.

Specific garage and parking standards also apply on narrow lots:

  • Houses, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes with a façade less than 22 feet wide are not allowed to have an attached garage on their front façade.
  • For attached houses, with any unit less than 22 feet wide, the length of the garage wall facing the street may be up to 50 percent of the combined façade of all the units. If more than 3 units make up the attached house structure, then the 50 percent length without garage must be contiguous.
  • When a lot abuts an alley, all parking and vehicle access must be from the alley.
  • Parking is not generally allowed between the building and a street. Parking must be placed behind the front and side street building lines of the primary structure and outside of required setbacks to the street.
    Diagram showing an example of parking locations on a narrow lot.