New Rules Adopted for Lot Confirmations

News Article

The Portland Zoning code addresses procedures and regulations for confirming a lot, lot of record or combination of lots or lots of record. Portland City Council adopted new regulations for lot confirmations on Friday, September 11, 2020, as part of the Residential Infill Project. Updated regulations for lot confirmation are available to review in full in the Portland Zoning Code, 33.676. Key changes to note include:

  • Minimum lot dimensions standards must be met without requiring a Property Line Adjustment
  • Existing development must remain in conformance or not move further out of conformance with the development standards of the Zoning Code. A concurrent Property Line Adjustment can be requested to meet this requirement.
  • A supplemental survey is required if buildings will remain on the site, as well as a detailed site plan showing existing conditions.

And changes to requirements for a primary structure in single-dwelling zones for compliance with state law under Senate Bill 534 regarding platted lots:

Because City Council has now enacted rules to comply with SB 534, BDS will no longer be using the guidance issued in February, 2020 on interim implementation of SB 534. However, the adopted code is similar in effect to BDS guidance.

More Information about Lot Confirmation

A lot confirmation is an administrative review that verifies one or more lots have legal status as a property that is eligible for development under the zoning code. A lot confirmation is often undertaken to reestablish lots that have previously been combined for tax purposes. More detailed information on the process and submittal requirements are available here: Lot Confirmation Applications