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Learn more about when you need to apply for Conditional Use Review. Get required forms for a conditional review like the application for land use reviews. Learn more about conditional use review requirements and prepare a proposal for conditional use.
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What is a "Conditional Use"?

Chapter 33.815 of the Portland Zoning Code outlines requirements for using land for certain Conditional Uses.  A Conditional Use is one that is not allowed outright as it may have adverse impacts on the surrounding area, such as the desired character, appearance, or on the transportation network or other public infrastructure.  The Conditional Use review process provides the opportunity to identify and mitigate for these impacts.

Approval criteria for conditional use proposals  

Approval criteria for Conditional Uses can be found in Zoning Code Chapter 33.815 (Conditional Uses).

How to submit a proposal for conditional use 

A conditional use proposal will be reviewed through one of the Land Use Review procedures, either a Type 1x, Type II or Type III procedure. Below, you can find the timelines for each procedure type:

A new Conditional Use is generally a Type III review, although changes to existing uses may be allowed through a Type II process. The review thresholds are contained within Chapter 33.815, Conditional Uses.

Submit a land use review application form, fee, narrative addressing the approval criteria, and other materials listed in the land use review application checklist. Submittal instructions can be found at Land Use Reviews and Final Plat Applications.

Other Reviews: A Conditional Use Master Plan is a 10-year plan for the future development of a use, often in a campus setting, that is subject to the Conditional Use regulations.

Conditional use reviews applications and forms 

Complete this application form to apply:

A pre-application conference is required for all Type III Land Use Reviews.  A voluntary Early Assistance Appointment is available for all other Land Use Review types:

 Sign this form within 21 days of application date to allow submittal of new information if a Type III decision is appealed:

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