Structural Engineering

Structural engineering plan review staff review structural aspects of permit applications related to the design, detail and analysis of structural elements to resist gravity/vertical loads, lateral and other environmental loads in conformance with Oregon building codes and City Code, Title 24.
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Structural plan review 

Structural plan review is required for construction, alteration, moving, demolition, repair, and use of any new and existing building or structure within the City. As a minimum, the following drawings and documents are required as part of your permit submittal for structural plan review:

  1. Foundation, Floor, and Roof Framing Plans; 
  2. Elevations as required; 
  3. Sections and Construction Details; 
  4. Architectural Drawings and Details; 
  5. Material specifications; 
  6. Design Criteria and Loading Maps; 
  7. List of Deferred Submittals and Special Inspections as applicable; 
  8. Calculations. 

Other review groups may require additional documents. For a full list of required documents and drawings, please refer to the Minimum Submittal Requirements.

When required by code, drawings and calculations are to be stamped by a design professional registered in the State of Oregon. Contact the structural plan reviewer (if you're working with someone already) or General Inquiries if you need assistance in determining if drawings and calculations need to be stamped.

Applicable Building Codes 

Structural Plan Review and Design Requirements

Structural Design Requirements for One and Two Family Residential Structures  

Get information about structural design requirements for one and two family residential projects in the City of Portland.  

Structural Design Requirements for Commercial Structures  

Get information about structural design requirements for commercial projects in the City of Portland.  

Structural Design Requirements for Miscellaneous structures 

Get information about structural design requirements for transmission and cell towers, signs, fabric-covered awnings and floating structures. 

Solar Permits 

Get information on solar permitting and structural design requirements

Plan Review timeline

The following are the review timeline goals:

Permit TypeWorking Days to 1st ReviewWorking Days to Recheck
Residential Alterations73
Commercial Alterations < $200,000.00 and does not include a seismic upgrade105
Commercial Alterations > $200,000.00 or includes a seismic upgrade205
RS Additions155
CO Additions205
RS New Construction155
CO New Construction205
Process Managed or projects in Major Projects GroupDetermined in consultation with the applicantDetermined in consultation with the applicant

"Working Days to 1st Review" is defined as the number of business days following intake. Day 1 would be the next business day after intake.

"Working Days to Recheck" is defined as the number of business days following the date that the bureau is notified that recheck comments have been received.

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