Solar Inspections

Get information on how to schedule a solar inspection, how to prepare, and what to expect.
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At this point in your permit process, the city has approved your plans and you have completed the solar installation. A Portland Permitting & Development inspector must approve the work to finalize the permit. The inspector will make sure that the construction complies with the approved plans and the building code.  

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Call for an inspection 

Once solar panels are installed and the electrical work is done, call for an inspection.

You'll be required to get a structural inspection and an electrical inspection. If you’re also installing a solar water heater, you’ll need to get a plumbing inspection as well. 

The number to call for inspections requests is 503-823-7000. This phone number will be located on your permit inspection record card. 

Inspection Card IVR number circled
Find the IVR number on your inspection card.

If you need access to language interpretation and have a residential project, please call our residential inspection team at 503-823-7388. For commercial inspections, please call 503-823-7303. They can help you schedule inspections with a language interpreter.  

You'll need your 7-digit IVR inspection number to identify the project. You can find your IVR inspection number on your permit inspection card. 

You'll be prompted to dial a three-digit code for each inspection type.  

Residential solar inspection codes required are: 

  • A final electrical inspection, 199 
  • A final structural inspection, 299 
  • And to finalize and complete your building permit, 999 

If you are doing solar water heating you will also need 

  • A plumbing inspection, 340  
  • A final plumbing inspection, 399 

You can find these codes on your Residential Inspection Record Card. 

If you have one permit for building and electrical, you can schedule all of your inspections in one phone call. This is called a combination permit. 

If you have a separate building permit and a separate electrical permit, you’ll have to make separate phones call for each permit. 

You will be prompted to enter in a phone number. Make sure this is the contact number of the contractor or electrician that will be on the job site to help with the inspection. 

Usually, inspections are scheduled within 1-2 business days from when you call. You’ll get up to five days to choose from. 

Follow the prompts until you get to your confirmation number and then you’ll be prompted to hang up. 

Prepare for your inspection 

To find out when the inspector will arrive, on the day of your scheduled inspection, after 8 AM, check Portland Maps. Under Advanced, select Permits and enter your project's IVR inspection number.

On phone Portland Map's menu is opened and Permits is highlighted.

Your inspector's name and arrival time is highlighted in the yellow banner.  

Cell phone with permit on Portland Maps. The inspector's arrival time is shown in the yellow info box.

Inspectors will need to access the electrical panel and to see any upgrades done to the structure. Due to COVID-19 health guidelines, in most cases, the inspectors will not be allowed to enter the home. The inspector will video call the contractor or electrician on site and direct them on what they need to see. 

What you'll need for your inspection 

  • Your City of Portland approved plans. Make sure you have a printed-out copy available for your inspector. 
  • A mobile device like a phone or tablet (fully charged)
  • For the video call, have either Facetime for iPhone or Google Duo for Android installed on your mobile device. 
  • A flashlight for low-light areas
  • A ladder 

You'll want the contractor or electrician on-site to help with the video inspection. Make sure their phone number is the same number when you shared when you called in to schedule the inspection. 

After your inspection is complete, the inspector will email the applicant an Inspection Report. This report will let you know if there are any corrections that need to be made or if you've passed your inspections. 

It is possible that your inspector will ask you to make revisions to your plans. 

If you have any questions about scheduling an inspection please call the inspection team for help. 

  • For residential permits please call 503-823-7388 
  • For commercial permits, please call 503-823-7303