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Schedule a free 15-minute meeting with a construction, zoning and development expert. Ask questions about building permit submittal requirements and zoning. Get help with the permit process, ask zoning requirements questions, building codes and more. Language access is available.
Read about the mission, goals, values, and equity commitment of Portland Permitting & Development. Get information about visiting PP&D, our operating plan, and the Portland Permitting & Development organizational chart. Review the Director's calendar.
Get permit application forms, brochures, handouts, and more forms from Portland Permitting & Development. Search the list of sample site plans like the sample basement plan, drawings, and submittal requirements.
Gather permit application requirements and apply for a building permit online. Apply for building permits, trade permits, sign permits, and zoning permits. Pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX (DevHub). Learn about the permit review process and timelines.
The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (OCCB) has helpful information about becoming licensed, including applications. Generally, Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed.
City and State building codes and administrative rules, code guides and program guides. Review the City and State codes and administrative rules carried out by Portland Permitting & Development. Find all codes, program guides and administrative rules on this page. Request a code change.
The City of Portland issues building permits for the City of Maywood Park. Search for "building permit" or search by project type ("deck permit") to get the application and link to apply on Dev Hub. For all other City of Maywood Park permit needs, visit the City of Maywood Park website.
Get all commercial building forms and multi-family structure (3 or more units) forms from Portland Permitting & Development. Find the list of commercial forms like the commercial building permit application, commercial life safety forms, and commercial brochures.
This page lists phone numbers for development managers and supervisors at Contact Managers and Supervisors
How to find a licensed contractor in the Portland. Get information about how to search for a contractor's license. Find out if a contractor has outstanding issues with a license.
Sign up for email alerts and newsletters from Portland Permitting & Development. Join our email list today. The Plans Examiner is a monthly digest of news, events, and helpful resources. Sign up now!
Get helpful information on what to include in a solar permit application, analysis guidelines and how to respond to structural plan review comments for a residential engineered system.
Visit the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber website to learn how they create opportunities and grow the Latino community's wealth and assets by investing in its community's entrepreneurial spirit, supporting its future generations' access to higher education, and preparing its future leaders to succeed.
This step-by-step guide explains how to get a permit in the City of Portland. Learn how to research a property, find out what you can do on a site, what you need to get a permit, when you can get a permit and how to book inspections online. Learn more about permits and how permitting works.

Mercy Corps Northwest

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Mercy Corps Northwest provides vital financing, mentorship and education to small business owners across the Pacific Northwest. From small business grants to alternative loans, they support entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. Visit their website to learn more.
The Oregon Office of Small Business Assistance helps small businesses that have questions about state or local government. Visit their website to learn more.
The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network provides advising, training, online courses and resources for businesses throughout our state. Our 19 centers and 44 locations assist business people in every aspect of business development and management. Visit their website for more information.
Pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX (DevHub).
Get all permit applications from Portland Permitting & Development. Find the list of building permit applications and trade permit applications.
Get all permit and inspection brochures from Portland Permitting & Development. Getting started on a development project and want to learn more about permits and inspections? PDFs have helpful information about getting started with development projects. Looking for PP&D brochures 1-31, start here.
Find out if you are eligible for a fee reduction for a building permit or land use review from Portland Permitting & Development (PP&D). Fee reductions are based on financial hardship. For shelters (short-term, mass, or outdoor shelter projects), fee reductions may also be available.

PP&D Employees Website

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Development Services employees website.
To increase and improve public access to information, all PP&D land use review, residential demolition, and enforcement notifications include information on how to request language translation, interpretation, and other accommodations. This notice is translated into several languages.
Request a permit extension from the City of Portland. Get a permit extension for a trade permit or a building permit. Get permit extensions for other types of permits.