Submit Public Works Permitting Preconcept Development

Preconcept meetings are necessary for project and plan preparation to minimize project time and cost. Receive guidance, discuss possible solutions to potential conflicts, ask questions, and learn what information City staff need to effectively review your project.

Preconcept Submittal

Early two-way communication between the City of Portland and the applicant is critical to your project’s success. Clear guidance is ideally provided to applicants and their design consultants to prepare plans that City staff can effectively review, minimizing time and costs.

The Preconcept meeting is an opportunity to discuss with staff questions or potential conflicts such as:

  • Stormwater management proposals outside of typical systems.
  • Utility conflicts existing & proposed, below & above ground.
  • Preservation of existing improvements such as trees.
  • ADA ramps.
  • New service locations in relation to required improvements.
  • Curb extensions with potential turning or drainage concerns.
  • Driveway access points.

How to submit a Preconcept intake form

At a minimum, your preconcept plan must include:

  • Property and any cross streets identified for location purposes.
  • Existing and proposed onsite structures.
  • Utility mains and connections, including but not limited to water, sewer, power, comms, gas, streetlights, and signals.
  • Right-of-way lines
  • Access points, including all driveways and doorways within 5 feet of property line.
  • Street trees.
  • Private trees within 15 feet of proposed right-of-way lines.
  • Proposed right-of-way improvements shown on plan view scale; profiles to be shown if there are grading/drainage that includes proposed changes to be discussed. Profiles should also be shown if a non-standard arrangement of utilities is proposed or if new water or sewer mains are proposed.
  • Stormwater management information if applicable. See the Stormwater Management Manual.

Download and complete intake form

Email completed form and plan

Send your preconcept plan with intake form to with the subject line: Preconcept.