Managing Rain on Your Property

Photo shows rain garden in the front yard with yellow daffodils along the edges
Stormwater management solutions such as rain gardens, rain barrels, ecoroofs, or trees can help manage the rain on your property to protect our rivers and streams. Learn more about the different stormwater management solutions here.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for ways you can modify your property to qualify for a stormwater discount or a professional designer searching for stormwater solutions for a development project, the resources here can inform and inspire you.

Each page in this guide provides an overview of the many options to manage the rain on your property. From residential rain gardens to ecoroofs or roof gardens, we've provided a quick look at what goes into  designing, building, and maintaining each solution. Full details and requirements for each solution are included in the City's Stormwater Management Manual. If your stormwater solution requires permits, you will need to make sure it meets the requirements outlined in the manual.

For home and business owners, Environmental Services offers on-site technical assistance that can help you determine safe and suitable stormwater solutions. To schedule a site assessment or ask questions about how to manage the rain on your property with rain gardens, disconnected downspouts, mini-dry wells, or other solutions, visit the Request Technical Assistance for Drainage Issues on Your Property webpage.

When you safely contain the rain that runs off your roof, driveway, or parking lot on your property, you may qualify for Clean River Rewards. Clean River Rewards can save you money on your sewer, stormwater, and water bill. Find out more about Clean River Rewards.

Additional Resources


Private Property Drainage Inquiries

Environmental Services
phone number503-823-5858For questions from home and business owners about safe ways to manage the rain on their property or solutions to drainage problems.

Systems Development

Environmental Services
phone number503-823-7761Questions about sewer connections, stormwater management, and drainage reserves at the land use or building permit stage.