September 29, 2021 Applicant Update


How to View All Review Comments

Scenario: You responded to the City with comments in ProjectDox and the City sent the task back to you. Looking at the Review Comments List, you are unsure why the task was sent back to you. Was this an error? 

No, this wasn't an error! There is a comment for you. The filters on the Review Comments List default to Show All comments from All Cycles, however, some projects have a different default and only display a specific review cycle. In the Cycle dropdown field, toggle the filter to Show All; you will then see all comments for all review cycles on the list. 

Review Comments List Cycle Filter
Review Comments List Cycle Filter

Another way to find out why the task was sent back to you is by running the All Review Comments Report. This report lists the review comments, checklist and Changemark details for a workflow instance review cycles.

  1. In your project, select the Reports tab.
  2. Select Plan Review - All Review Comments hyperlink in the Report Name column.
  3. Look for comments from the Project Administrator.

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