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July 29, 2021 Applicant Update

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Reminder: Flattening PDFs

ProjectDox 9.2 has made some improvements uploading PDFs, including support for digital signatures for projects created after June 25th. However, there are still some things you need to be aware of when uploading PDFs.

  • Layers must be 100 or fewer. Please clean and purge all extraneous layers from the plan file.

  • Remove/Reduce any shading or hashing in the file as it causes performance issues. If we are not able to open or navigate in the file it will be returned to you to correct.

  • Please use industry standard PDF converter tools, such as Adobe, Bluebeam, or Revit to convert your files and drawings to PDFs.

  • Always review the file if there are missing layers. Some PDF issues can be corrected on existing PDFs, without recreating the PDFs, by printing a PDF to PDF, a process known as “refrying.”

For additional information and instructions on fixing PDF uploads (PDF Refry), refer to the Quick Step Guide on Preparing Files for ProjectDox Upload.

Preparing Files for ProjectDox Upload

Training Materials

To learn more about ProjectDox 9.2, please watch our Applicant Training Video Series and read our User Guide.

Applicant Training Videos

Applicant User Guide


Please email the ePlans team.

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