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Portland City Council adopts updates to city’s tree code, strengthening tree preservation

A new ordinance updates the city’s tree policies to promote greater preservation of trees when development occurs in certain types of commercial zones and to promote the preservation of larger trees in other development situations.

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Public testimony invited for Portland City Council consideration of tree code updates Oct. 29

The public is invited to review and provide testimony before the City Council on a package of updates to Portland’s tree code relating to the removal of exemptions from requirements to preserve and plant trees in certain development situations.

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Seeking public input on a proposal to enhance tree preservation requirements

You are invited to review and comment on a revised proposal to update and improve tree preservation requirements in Portland.

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Online Survey Available to Share Your Views on Updates to Portland’s Tree Code

Read more about potential tree code amendments in the City of Portland.

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Share Your Views on Portland’s Tree Code

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City Council Adopts Resolution Directing Future Projects on Title 11, Trees

On Wednesday, January 8, City Council passed a resolution directing BDS, together with Portland Parks & Recreation and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, to complete projects relating to Title 11, Trees.

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City Council is Seeking Input on a Draft Resolution for Future Projects on Title 11, Trees, regarding Trees in Development Situations

Earlier this year, Development Services proposed an amendment to Title 11, Trees, to extend the sunset date of certain regulations passed in 2016 that strengthened tree preservation requirements (especially preservation of large sized trees) in development situations on private property.

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Updated: City Council is Considering Extension of the Sunset Date for Certain Regulations for Tree Preservation of Private Trees in Development Situations

On Thursday, December 5, 2019 Mayor Wheeler proposed an amendment to the recommendation to revise the sunset date of the regulations adopted in 2016 to December 31, 2024.

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Public Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Amendments to Title 11, Trees, Regarding Tree Preservation for Private Trees in Development Situations.

A new proposal will be heard by both the Planning and Sustainability Commission and the Urban Forestry Commission who will make recommendations to City Council.

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