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In-person paper permit appointments

Learn more about how in-person building permit appointments are provided at the Development Services Center.

The priority for in-person building permit appointments is for customers who have limited internet access, need language translation services, or otherwise require special technical assistance with the electronic permit submittal process. These 30-minute appointments are offered at the discretion of Permitting Services staff based on a customer’s needs and the criteria listed below.

In-person permit appointments are held at the Development Services Center, at 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, on Tuesdays between 8 a.m. and noon and on Thursdays between 8 and 10 a.m. only.

Criteria for submitting paper permit applications in-person

In addition to limiting in-person permit appointments to the types of customers described above, permit applications submitted on paper in the Development Services Center will need to fit within the following criteria:

For commercial permits:

  • There is no change of use or occupancy.
  • It is not for new construction.
  • A proposed addition does not exceed 250 sq. ft., does not increase the gross floor area by more than 15%, and is an addition to only one level.
  • The permit is for an interior tenant improvement for an existing tenant.
  • The project involves demolition of entire structure with no basement shoring required, and is not in a zero-setback fronting the right-of-way
  • The project involves like-for-like repair due to water or fire damage
  • The submitted valuation of the project is under $330,800.
  • There is no land use review already in progress that overlaps with the proposed scope of work or creates a change to the lot configuration.
  • No land use review will be required based on the proposed scope of work.
  • Alteration to the structure does not modify the lateral system.
  • The project does not include seismic upgrades.
  • The project is not for a medical, dental, veterinary or marijuana grow facility.
  • The project is not adding any plumbing fixtures.
  • The project is not for a solar installation.
  • The plan set is less than 15 pages.

For residential permits:

  • The project is within an existing one- and two-family dwelling.
  • New Construction of a detached carport or non-habitable accessory structure
  • A proposed addition does not exceed 250 sq. ft. and is an addition to only one level.
  • The project includes a limited remodel of an adult care or childcare facility.
  • The project involves voluntary seismic strengthening.
  • The permit is for a new fence.
  • The permit is for a retaining wall 4 feet or less in height.
  • The project is a minor residential interior remodel (such as kitchen, bath, etc.) and does not add a fourth or more toilet on the property.
  • The project is a basement conversion or finish and does not add a fourth or more toilet on the property.
  • The project is an alteration that does not modify the structural lateral system.
  • The project involves the demolition of a structure (demolition delay will still apply on some structures).
  • The permit is for placing a new or replacement home in a mobile home park.
  • The scope of work requires only a Zoning Permit and not a building permit.
  • The proposed work is for a patio cover or enclosure.
  • The permit is for a deck.
  • The project is for non-structural repair due to water or fire damage.
  • The project is not for a solar installation.
  • The project does not include water collection.
  • The plan set is less than 15 pages.

All other permit applications must be submitted online.

During the in-person permit review process, review staff may determine that the scope of work is such that a thorough review of the project cannot be completed in the time allotted. Some, but not all, examples of this include the following:

  • Title 11 reasons: If the scope of work is occurring in what appears to be the potential root protection zone of trees visible on air photos and the submittal appears to not address any tree preservation requirements. Any street tree removal requires a field inspection prior to approval.
  • The site is in a D (design) overlay and will need a Design Standards Plan Check.
  • The site is a historic or conservation landmark.
  • The work appears to be in the resource area of an environmental zone or otherwise needs an environmental review.
  • The site is in any other overlay that will require significant review time.
  • The proposal is to expand or change the use of a nonconforming situation.
  • The proposal is for a limited use in a zone.
  • If the use depicted or described in the permit is not allowed in the zone.
  • If the project valuation is equal to or exceeds 35% of the assessed improvements on the property.
  • If the project includes a curb cut or driveway facing an arterial street.

If these or other aspects of a proposed project require a separate case or permit review, or the scope of work is such that a review cannot be completed in the Development Services Center, staff will provide other options for that permit submittal to proceed. Additional information on these and other permit requirements can be gathered by meeting with staff via a 15-minute question appointment or by calling 503-823-7300.