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Apply for Permits

Gather permit application requirements and apply for a building permit online. Apply for building permits, trade permits, sign permits, and zoning permits. Pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX (DevHub). Learn about the permit review process and timelines.
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Step 1: Gather application materials

Find application requirements for

Depending on your project you may need:

Important: Incomplete applications will be rejected. Please make sure you complete all application requirements for your project.

If you need help, please schedule a free 15 Minute Appointment (more information below).

Get help

We're here to help you determine the specific requirements for your project.

We recommend scheduling a free 15-minute virtual appointment with permitting staff.

Schedule a free 15-minute virtual appointment now

Step 2: Apply online or in person  

Once you have all the application submittal requirements for your project, you are ready to apply for a permit. 

Review our step-by-step guide on how to submit a permit request on DevHub.

Apply for permits online with DevHub

Instructional guides are available on how to use online permitting tools and watch the video, Apply for permits online: DevHub Permit Request Training.

NOTE: Some permit types must be submitted by email. Review the list of permit types and find out where to apply for each permit type. 

Or come to the Development Services Center to apply 

Do you have limited internet access? Do you need help setting up a permit application? 

You may qualify for a 30-minute appointment to submit your application materials and meet with each required review group.

This in-person meeting is at the Development Services Center, 1900 SW Fourth Avenue.

Find out if you qualify to apply in person.

What to expect after you apply

After you apply, your permit application goes on a daily permit request list.

We process permit requests in chronological order. 

This is the list of all permits that are in the first stage of permitting called "intake." This report is updated regularly. 

Step 3: Respond to any feedback 

We will review your application materials to determine if we have the submittal requirements for your project.  

If your application package does not meet the submittal requirements and/or we need further clarification, we will email you.

  • You'll need to log into DevHub to review the comments and provide any requested information.
  • This communication process repeats until you meet all requirements. 

Step 4: Pay for permits

Once the project meets submittal requirements, you’ll receive an email with instructions to pay your application fees.

Visit the current Fee Schedule for permit costs.

Pay OptionsHow
PhoneCall the "Make Payments by Phone" number: 503-823-5161
In-personVisit the Cashier at the Development Services Center

Need help? Here's our step-by-step guide on how to pay fees:  

After you pay the application fees, we will start our comprehensive plan review.

Step 5: Plan Review Begins

The first review may result in approval or a checksheet.

A checksheet is a list of missing items or additional requirements needed on your plans. We ask for information that we need to complete a specific review.

How long does plan review take?

Our goal is to have a first review completed within the timeframes listed below. Timeframes can be impacted by the current workload. 

Review timeframes based on project types.
.Commercial ProjectsResidential Projects
Alterations10 Days7 Days
Additions20 Days15 Days
New Construction20 Days15 Days
  • When we send you a checksheet, we'll also send you instructions on how to respond.
  • You must respond to all items on all checksheets so we can complete our review.
  • Once your checksheet responses have been received and processed, the goal is to complete re-reviews within 5-7 days for all project types.

Avoid delays by following this procedure and responding to all checksheet items. 

Step 6: Check the status of your permit  

Check Permit Status Online during different stages of the permit process:

You can check the status of a permit in review on Portland Maps.

This is the most updated and current information available about the status of all permits in process. It's the same information we use to check the status of a permit.  

Building code appeals

File building code appeals, electrical code appeals, mechanical code and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. 

Learn more about filing an appeal.

Apply for a permit extension or permit reactivation

Make sure to request a permit extension before the permit expiration date.

Additionally, you can request a permit reactivation after the permit has expired, but before the permit is void. 


General Inquiries

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