Apply for a Temporary Liquor License

Temporary or special event liquor license applications must be submitted to both the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) and the City for approval.

Applications submitted through the new online portal will be processed immediately. Applications submitted by mail require 14 days to process.

Please follow all the directions below carefully.

To see a visual step by step of the application process click here

The Application Process:

  • Submitting a complete application to the City of Portland is the first step toward getting your temporary or special event liquor license from the OLCC.
  • You must read all the instructions below and then submit a completed application through the online system.
  • Carefully complete your application - any applicant mistakes for event location or event dates will require a *new* application and a new processing fee. Refunds will not be issued for applicant errors. 
  • The City will then process your application and send you our recommendation in an email.
  • All complete and appropriate applications submitted through the online portal will be immediately processed by the City of Portland- no waiting!
  • You will add our official recommendation document to your OLCC TSL application and submit all documents directly to the OLCC.

Step One: Gather information 

1. Make sure your event is within the City of Portland boundaries.

2. Download and complete the appropriate temporary sales license event form from the OLCC's Special Events web page. If you have questions about which form, you must call the OLCC directly on the Licensing Help Line at 503-872-5217. 

Step Two: Submit application

Applications should be submitted through the online system - Civic Portal. Carefully input your information. Refunds are not given for applications submitted in error and changes cannot be made once applications are submitted. 

Check out the visual step-by-step here

  1. Create an account at Civic Portal
  2. Log in
  3. Select "Liquor" from the Menu
  4. Follow the prompts to select the appropriate application type - Temporary Sales License/ Special Event
  5. Fill out the required fields related to your applicant and event information - this information should match the OLCC application information exactly. 
  6. Pay your processing fee - $35 per application. One applicant may add multiple event licenses at the same location to your "cart" but multiple locations or multiple applicants must be entered as separate applications. 
  7. Submit and watch your application get processed in real time!

Step 3: Submit to OLCC

1. Receive an email recommendation from the City of Portland. Save the documents attached on the email, this is your Local Governing Body recommendation! 

2. Add City of Portland recommendation email document to your TSL application packet for the OLCC.

3. Submit directly to the OLCC following the rules on the OLCC website.

If you need an accommodation because of a disability or because you do not have access to online systems, please send an email to requesting the appropriate forms.


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