How to Use PortlandMaps to Check on a Permit Under Review

PortlandMaps and the PP&D Permit/Case Search can be used to find active and historical permit details. Follow the directions below to view the status of your building permit on PortlandMaps.
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View permit status on PortlandMaps

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Advanced from the toolbar.
  3. Select Permits.
Portland Maps website with Advanced Menu displayed
  1. In the Basic tab, enter IVR number or Permit number.
    • Searching by address is available but may return multiple permits.
    • Note: Application Number includes the two-digit year, a dash, and the six-digit permit case/number (e.g. 21-168311).
    • The IVR (Inspection Request System) number is the unique identifier assigned to the permit or case. Enter the six or seven-digit IVR number (e.g. 2798743).
  2. Click Search.
    A pop-up window will display the Permit Detail and status.  
Portland Maps Permit Details Popup Status field highlighted
PortlandMaps Permit Details Status field highlighted

For additional information on searching for active and historical building permits, trade permits, and a permit applicationland use review information refer to the Permit Information General Search guide

Permit statuses defined

Below is a list of common permit statuses and the stages of the permitting process. The status of each permit is displayed in the Status field in PortlandMaps.

Admin Hold Usually applied when a permit is under review but a major issue is discovered that needs to pause the review process, such as a significant amount of missing information or a substantial redesign. This may lead to Cancelled status if the issue is not resolved (a resubmittal may be necessary, resulting in a new permit) or may return to Under Review status if the issue is resolved satisfactorily.
ApplicationThe owner or owner's representative has submitted a permit application. A permit has been set up, but review fees have not been paid. The application may or may not have met minimum submittal requirements. Permits remain in application status for up to 180 days at which time they become Void.
Approved to IssueAll technical reviews have been completed, issuance fees have been billed, and the permit is ready to be picked up by the customer. Inactive permit applications remain in Approved to Issue status for 180 days, after which they are Abandoned.
Under ReviewReview fees have been paid and minimum submittal requirements have been satisfied. The permit is being reviewed by the necessary departments in relation to the project description. Inactive permit applications remain in Under Review status for 180 days, after which they are Abandoned.
CancelledThe permit has been discontinued at the request of the owner or the owner’s representative. However, Cancelled status has also historically been used to indicate an Expired or Void permit. Therefore, a permit that is NOT cancelled at the request of the applicant may be considered in effect Abandoned, Expired, or Void depending on the prior status and time passed since the cancellation
ExpiredPermit has reached Issued or later status and there has been no activity for 180 days. Expired permits may be reactivated within 180 days of expiration.
Fees DueUsually applied when a permit is under inspection and a permit exceeds the paid number of inspections allowed and pauses inspections until fees are paid. Typically, permit returns to Under Inspection status after additional fees are paid.
FinalThe permit has received approval of all final inspections
IssuedPermit has been paid for and inspections have not been requested. Inactive permits remain in Issued status for 180 days, after which they are Expired.
R2P2 Residential Reactivation Permit Program. Applies to Residential permits only. Specialty program from Residential Inspections that seek to reopen and resolve older permits in Expired status. 
Under InspectionPermit has been paid for and at least one inspection has been requested. Inactive permits remain in Under Inspection status for 180 days, after which they are Expired.

Permit activity details 

The status report contains important information on the progress of your permit application. The Permit Activity Details display the latest activity date and activity details (technical reviews), status, and staff contact. 

PortlandMaps Permit Details
PortlandMaps Permit Details

In the Activity table, you will find: 

Activity A list of all technical reviews and administrative process steps associated with your project.
Type The part of the process the activity applies to. Example: 2nd Screen App Set-Up, P& Z - Property Check, and Life Safety Application Check are all part of the Application process. 
Must Check Focus on rows with Y displayed, this indicates that you should review the activity.
Activity Status
  • Open - No action taken. This is the initial default status when your application is accepted. If this status displays on a review line, this means the review hasn't been completed. 
  • Not Req’d - It has been determined that this review or step is not required for your project.
  • Checksheet  - The reviewer has questions, identified deficiencies or additional requirements for the completion of a review. The City takes no further action on this review until you respond to the checksheet and corrections are received in Permitting Services.
  • Corr. Rec’d  - Permitting Services has processed your response to a checksheet. Review staff is alerted that corrections have been received, and resumes their review in light of your changes.
  • Approved/Closed = Indicates the review is approved or the process step is complete.
  • Hold = A reviewer has placed a hold on their review. Contact the reviewer for information.
Last Activity Date the process status was entered. For example, when a checksheet or changemark was sent to you, or when a review was approved or closed.
CompletedDate the review was approved or the process step was completed. 
Staff ContactIndividual who has been assigned to each review process, including the phone number of the reviewer or group responsible for the review/process step. Names in CAPITAL letters refer to review groups, meaning an individual reviewer has not yet been assigned.

Putting it all together

Example 1: In the image below, the Activity is Intake and the status does not display Intake, this means the review is still being screened by Permitting Services.

PortlandMaps Intake - DSC Activity Status Open.
ActivityTypeMust CheckActivity StatusLast ActivityCompletedStaff Contact
2nd Screen App Set-UpApplicationYApproved9/1/20219/1/2021Jones, Terri 503-865-5555
P&Z – Property CheckApplicationYPending Customer Response9/3/20219/3/2021Smith, Bob 503-865-1234
Life Safety – Application CheckApplicationYReceived Customer Response9/2/20219/2/2021Toms, Chris 503-865-4321
Intake - DSCIssuance/

Example 2: In the image below, the Activity is Structural Review and the Must Check is Y which means you should have received a Checksheet. If you haven't, your next step would be to reach out and call the reviewer Bob Smith at 503-865-1234.

PortlandMaps Structural Review Checksheet Status.
ActivityTypeMust CheckActivity StatusLast ActivityCompletedStaff Contact
Structural ReviewStructuralYChecksheet9/1/2021.Smith, Bob 503-865-1234

Example 3: In the image below, the Activity is Pre-Issuance Check and the Activity Status is Open. This means your permit is not complete. The permit is only complete when the status of all mandatory reviews and steps show Approved, Closed, or Not Req'd. The mandatory pre-issuance check will then be scheduled and completed. This is the final step in the review process. You will be notified when the permit is ready to be issued by Permitting Services staff.

PortlandMaps PreIssuance Status Open.
ActivityTypeMust CheckActivity StatusLast ActivityCompletedStaff Contact
ZP 504-823-2222

Watch this video on how to track the status of your permit (available in English and en Español)

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