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Contractor License Requirements

Get information about permit requirements in the City of Portland. Learn more about licensing requirements for contractors.
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We sell permits in line with State of Oregon requirements. These are set up by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB), and the State of Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD). They regulate and license the activities of construction contractors in our state. All contractors using the Permits Online system must have a CCB License.

Also, contractors who use trade permits (electrical, mechanical and plumbing) must be licensed correctly for that work. Some specialty electrical license holders may buy limited fixture types online.

You can submit your permit application request online using Development Hub PDXRead step-by-step instructions for submitting a permit application request online or in person.

Mechanical Trade (MT) permits – All fixtures 

  • CCB License is the only required license for the full list of available fixtures online

Plumbing Trade (PT) permits – All fixtures 

  • CCB License, and
  • BCD Plumbing License with the letters PB in it to buy the full range of plumbing fixtures online

Electrical Trade (ET) permits – All fixtures 

These contractors:

  • need a CCB license- this ensures they have bonding and insurance 
  • need a BCD Electrical Contractor's License that has the letter C with a number behind it
  • must have an appropriately licensed signing supervisor 

Other contractor license types have limitations. These contractors can pull permits but they're limited: LMS, CPI, CLS, CLR, CRE, BME, LEA, LEB, ST, LME, LMM, LRT, LR, or PS. These contractors may employ other types of assigning supervisors that have a different license (doesn't have an S). 

Specialty electrical licenses and permits 

Electrical (ET) Permits – Limited Energy/Low Voltage

These contractors: 

  • need a CCB license- this ensures they have bonding and insurance 
  • need a BCD Limited Energy Contractor's License (has the letters CLE, CRE or LHR in it)
  • must have an appropriately licensed signing supervisor

Other contractor license types have limitations. These contractors can pull permits but they are limited: CLR, CPI and LHR. 

Electrical (ET) permits – Electrical signage (not a supervising license) 

These contractors must have both:

  • a CCB License-  this ensures they have bonding and insurance  
  • a BCD Limited Sign Contractor's License (CLS) to show they've met the state requirements 

Oregon Landscape Contractor Board (LCB) license numbers 

If you are using an Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (LCB) license number, you can apply for trade permits by emailing your applications to

You may not use our online permitting system, DevHub, to apply for trade permits because our system does not support LCB license numbers.

Note: Trade Permits are sole proprietary as issued and are non-transferable.