PP&D Demographic Survey


Welcome to the City of Portland Permitting & Development (PP&D) Demographic Survey. This survey is designed to help the City understand who is accessing PP&D’s services and how PP&D’s policies and services can better meet community needs. 

By collecting demographic information from our community, we can more accurately measure and evaluate who we are serving, better understand gaps and opportunities in where PP&D resources are needed most, and improve and adapt our services to reach more of our community.

Your participation in the survey is completely optional and voluntary. Your responses are not associated with your permit application or online appointment in any way and cannot be used to identify you. State and federal law prohibit any discrimination based on the information provided. 

We will keep the information from this survey confidential to the greatest extent possible, and we will only use the data at the aggregate level to improve our services. However, as a public agency, the information you provide to the City is a public record and may be subject to release under Oregon’s Public Records Law. This law classifies certain information as available to the public if requested. 

We appreciate your participation in the survey to help us improve our services for all Portlanders.

Which of the following describes your racial or ethnic identity? Please select ALL that apply.
What language(s) do you speak or sign at home?
Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community?
Do you identify with having or living with a disability? Please select one.
Please describe the nature of your disability. Please select ALL that apply.
What is the main type of building permit application you are applying for with the City of Portland?
Which of the following best describes your role when applying for this building permit from the City of Portland?

If you don't see your exact role listed, choose the option that most closely resembles your role.