Personal Wireless Service Facility Permit Applications

Apply for a personal wireless service facilities permit. Get all application forms. Find out how to complete your radio frequency (RF) application. Learn more about mutual tolling options for cell phone antennae mounted on buildings and cell towers, TV broadcasting equipment and more.
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In response to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) requirements related to the deployment of personal wireless service facilities, there are specific intake and review processes for personal wireless service facility applications. Application review timelines vary depending on the type of personal wireless service facility.

New Radio Frequency Transmission (RF) Facilities on private land require a commercial building permit, and may also require a land use review.

Radio Frequency Transmission Facilities applications and important forms

Application review timelines are different depending on the type of facility:

90-day deadline for collocations not qualifying as a 6409(a) eligible facilities request:

150-day deadline for new structures:

60-day deadline for a 6409(a) eligible facilities request:

60-day deadline for collocations of Small Wireless Facilities on an existing structure:

90-day deadline for Small Wireless Facilities on new structures:

Other important forms:

What you need for an RF Transmission Facilities permit application 

In addition to the building permit application, you also need to fill out the Radio Frequency Facility Supplemental Application Form based on the type of work or installation.  The Radio Frequency Facility Supplemental Application Form has a detailed checklist of the materials you need to submit. All applications will be reviewed for completeness. An application that meets the minimum submittal requirements may not be complete. If the application is incomplete, the applicant may choose to:

  1. Withdraw the application and make corrections
  2. Submit a deficient application with the understanding that the application will be denied

Both Portland Permitting & Development and the FCC encourage applicants to participate in voluntary early assistance meetings.

How to apply for all FCC wireless applications and temporary cell facilities (COW) 

Submit your permit application materials online.

  1. Select Apply for a new permit 
  2. Select FCC Wireless Applications - All

Processing timelines and mutual tolling agreement option

Applicants and the City may mutually agree to toll the federal shot clock. This can be a good idea if the applicant:

  • Wants to have the flexibility to work with City staff during project review
  • Does not want to submit applications for land use approval and building permits together

For certain sites or proposals, a Land Use Review is required prior to approval of the building permit application. Read more about Land Use, Zoning Code and Building code reviews in the Review of Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission Facilities page

Learn about options to work with the City before application or toll the FCC shot clock during the review on the FCC Shot Clocks and Early Assistance, Tolling and Other Applicant Options page.

Additional information: 

You might also want to watch the Personal Wireless Service Facilities powerpoint presentation from August 25, 2021.