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Process Management - Major Projects Group

An innovative program created in collaboration with our customers. Work with a project manager throughout every step of your large commercial project. Get help with large and complex commercial projects and multi-million dollar development projects. Start working with your process manager now.
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Process Managers are a group of Portland Permitting & Development employees who are committed to helping customers navigate the City permitting and construction process. Your Process Manager is your City project manager throughout project development from early design concept through final inspection. Your Process Manager is a single point of contact between the development team and the City permit review and inspection staff.

Our customers have told us how important predictability is to the success of a project. We know clear communication, early identification of issues, and continuity of the process are key elements for predictability.

Communication about large and complex commercial projects 

Your Process Manager works in partnership with your development team to ensure timely and effective communication with City staff. An essential component of this partnership is open, ongoing communication and a commitment to problem-solving.

Early identification of issues with complex commercial projects

You need to know right from the start if there are any issues or conflicts between the proposed design and code requirements. Your Process Manager is there to discuss the project with you and bring key players together early to identify and resolve issues.

Continuity during your large development project

Your Process Manager will routinely check the review process, working with you and City staff to avoid breakdowns or gaps in your critical path timelines. Our goal is to keep the review on track and completed on time.

Begin working with a Process Manager on your large development project

For more information or to request the assistance of a Process Manager, please email Process Management or fill out the contact form to discuss your project and find out if a Process Manager is the right approach for you. 

Contact Process Management about your large commercial project