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A building permit application is required for building permits, site development permits, and zoning permits. Find the electrical permit, mechanical permit, plumbing permit applications, and the simple erosion control requirements form. For Portland and Maywood Park building permits.
Schedule a free 15-minute meeting with a construction, zoning and development expert. Ask questions about building permit submittal requirements and zoning. Get help with the permit process, ask zoning requirements questions, building codes and more. Language access is available.
Apply for a short-term rental permit or conditional use or renew a short-term rental permit. Learn about accessory short-term rental Type A permits and Type B conditional uses. Get permit information for rental units, mother-in-law apartments, renting out bedrooms and basement rentals.
Gather permit application requirements and apply for a building permit online. Apply for building permits, trade permits, sign permits, and zoning permits. Pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX (DevHub). Learn about the permit review process and timelines.
A permit is required to document a change of use or change of occupancy classification of a building, even where no alterations are planned or required by the code. Learn more about change of use or change of occupancy. Includes information for small business owners.
Apply for commercial alteration-tenant improvement building permits and get inspections. Find required applications and forms for TI permits. Get the shell permit acknowledgment statement, life safety forms, the TI permit application form and all drawings requirements for a completed application.
Apply for commercial new construction and additions building permits online. Find step-by-step instructions on the commercial permit application process.
Schedule commercial permit inspections including pre-construction meetings. Find inspector district maps and commercial permit inspector contacts. Learn more about condo permit inspections, apartment inspections, new construction inspections, triplex inspections and more.
​​​​​​​Design advice requests (DAR) are a form of early assistance and a way to get feedback on early design concepts before a land use review. An applicant may request design advice from the Design Commission. You may also request design advice from the Historic Landmarks Commission.
Get help with a new project proposal in the City of Portland. Find the early assistance application and review a land use fee schedule.
Any electrical work in a commercial building needs a commercial electrical permit. Apply for a commercial electrical permit. Get the commercial electrical permit and commercial electrical inspection. Find all forms including the electrical permit application.
After an earthquake, if you're part of EQUIP, you don't have to wait for the City to evaluate your commercial building. EQUIP is a pre-certified building safety evaluation program. Request an invitation to apply.
Get information about FCC Shot Clocks. Learn more about how federal shot clocks affect your project and the application process. Read about personal wireless service facilities and shot clocks, early assistance meetings and voluntary tolling agreements for a personal wireless service facility.
File building code appeals, electrical code appeals, mechanical code and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
City of Portland property owners with liens on their properties due to code enforcement violations can request a lien reduction review. Find out if you can get a lien balance reduced. Learn more about code enforcement liens and how to apply for lien reduction review.
Apply for a commercial mechanical permit and get a commercial mechanical inspection. Get the mechanical permit application. Get a push/pull permit, rooftop mechanical permits, gas piping permits and permits for a/c, heating and ductwork. Get a trade permit extension or reactivation.
Schedule an appointment to update paper plans in checksheet status or pick up approved-to-issue paper plans. To pick up or drop off paper plans, schedule an appointment.
Pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX (DevHub).
Apply for a permit refund online. Request a refund for a permit purchased from the City of Portland. If you bought a building permit and no longer need it, apply for a refund. Get all permit refund instructions online. Find out how much you might get from a permit refund.
Apply for a personal wireless service facilities permit. Get all application forms. Find out how to complete your radio frequency (RF) application. Learn more about mutual tolling options for cell phone antennae mounted on buildings and cell towers, TV broadcasting equipment and more.
Apply for a commercial plumbing permit and get a commercial plumbing inspection. Get all forms like the commercial plumbing permit application. Includes information about trade permit extension requests and trade permit reactivation requests. Condo owners doing plumbing work can also start here.
Find out if you are eligible for a fee reduction for a building permit or land use review from Portland Permitting & Development (PP&D). Fee reductions are based on financial hardship. For shelters (short-term, mass, or outdoor shelter projects), fee reductions may also be available.
You need a pre-application conference for all Type III and IV land use reviews before submitting an application. Learn more about pre-application conferences and find out if you need one for your development project.
Get a pre-permit zoning plan check for large projects and for complex projects. Learn more about pre-permit zoning plan checks and find out if you need one. Get information about application requirements online now.
Learn more about radio frequency transmission facilities building permits, land use reviews and zoning code. Information on how we review cell phone antennae mounted on buildings, cell towers, TV broadcasting equipment and more. Find out about the radio frequency (RF) facility review process.