Report a Code Violation

Report code violations like construction work without permits, empty homes, unpermitted businesses or disabled vehicles on private property. File complaints about property maintenance danger or nuisances, zoning violations and more to the City of Portland. Check the status of a reported violation.
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Report a code violation online

To get started with your report, select the link to report a violation below.

Your information is confidential and will not be made public. 

Report a violation

Check the status of a report

Check Portland Maps to find information on the progress of a case. The Portland Maps website has all of the information the City has related to a reported violation.

Check on a reported violation

For more information, check the related Report a Code Violation page.

Call to report a violation

To report a violation by phone or to check the status of a report by phone, call the Property and Compliance Help Line. For a list of City phone numbers to call, check the related Report a Code Violation page. You can also review the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule