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Code Enforcement - Property Compliance Services and Inspections

Learn more about property compliance inspections and code enforcement. Report code violations online or by phone. Apply for a lien reduction review if you had code enforcement liens placed on your property. For neighborhood safety, camping rules and work done without a permit start here.
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Apply for the lien reduction review program

If you had code enforcement liens placed against your properties for code violations, you can apply for review. Request a review after you've corrected all violations and the enforcement case is closed. You may qualify for more waivers or reductions.

Learn more about the lien reduction review process and apply online. You can also read the complete administrative rule about the lien reduction case review process.

Compliance and code enforcement inspections

We do many types of enforcement inspections:

  • Dangerous buildings, emergency condition cases, Extremely Distressed Property Enforcement Program (EDPEP) cases and violation emergency condition cases: We do inspections on vacant properties or if we can maintain the mandatory physical distancing of six feet or if we can perform a video inspection using Facetime or Skype.
  • We do erosion control and demolition inspections for permits for vacant properties only. We follow physical distancing requirements and do video inspections using Facetime or Skype.
  • Housing cases: For new cases, we are only inspecting critical and emergency issues. We do inspections using video through Facetime or Skype. For existing housing cases, we can inspect exterior conditions or limited interior repairs if we can do video inspections using Facetime or Skype.
  • Zoning and Nuisance inspections: Exterior complaints only. We also inspect zoning permits for developments such as required landscaping, sheds and driveways.

We review new and existing cases on a case by case basis to find out if we can provide services in compliance with physical distancing guidelines.

Enforcement fee and penalty schedule

The Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule for Portland and the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule for Unincorporated Multnomah County list all code enforcement fines and fees.

File complaints about code violations

We accept and review all complaints. High-priority cases take precedence. We will inspect non-critical, non-health related and non-emergency cases after we complete high priority cases.

You can report a violation or check the status of a report. You can also make a complaint or check on the status of a complaint by phone. View a list of who to call by complaint type and all City phone numbers to call about code violations.

Accessory short-term rental permits 

You can apply for a short-term rental permit or renew a permit by email or mail. Before you apply, read about accessory short-term rental (ASTR) permits.

Adult Care Home Program (ACHP) inspections 

We do electrical and housing inspections for Multnomah County's Adult Care Home Program (ACHP). Learn more about adult care home permits and inspections.  

Home occupation permits - running a business out of your home

Get required forms and helpful information for running a business out of your home. Learn about applying for home-based business permits in Portland. 

Lists of open housing, dangerous building and sewer cases

Review and download current dangerous building, housing and sewer break cases.

Empowered Neighborhoods Program  

Black, Indigenous, people of color and persons with disabilities who got a violation letter in the mail from the City can get assistance from our staff. The Empowered Neighborhoods Program will make sure your property meets the building and zoning rules. Apply for assistance with a violation letter now

Code enforcement brochures and additional information 

We also offer residential fee-paid inspections