2023 Annual Cannabis Policy Report

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About Annual Cannabis Policy Report

The 2023 Annual Cannabis Policy Report of the Cannabis Policy Oversight Team (CPOT) presents a comprehensive analysis of the current state and emerging challenges within Portland's cannabis industry. This report serves as a vital instrument for policymakers, offering a detailed overview of the industry's dynamics, particularly focusing on the issues of equity, public safety, and economic viability. At its core, the report is a call to action for the City of Portland and its stakeholders, emphasizing the need to address systemic inequities and to foster a cannabis industry that is equitable, safe, and sustainable.

In this report, CPOT executed a methodical aggregation and in-depth synthesis of a wealth of data, insights, and perspectives harvested from its triad of specialized subcommittees—namely, Community Impact, Local Business, and Cannabis Safety. Each subcommittee has delved into specific aspects of the cannabis industry, identifying key areas where policy intervention is crucial. The report, underpinned by the CHEM Pillars of Health Equity™, articulates a vision for a cannabis industry that ensures the well-being and prosperity of all community members. It particularly focuses on communities that have been historically impacted by cannabis prohibition, advocating for equitable opportunities and a fair distribution of the benefits derived from the cannabis industry.

The recommendations put forth in this report are designed to guide the City of Portland and other agencies in crafting policies that effectively address the identified challenges. These recommendations are not only a reflection of the current state of affairs but also a proactive approach towards shaping a more inclusive and responsible cannabis industry. By aligning with the CHEM Pillars of Health Equity™, the report emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to policymaking, one that considers the economic, environmental, human, and social impacts of the cannabis industry. The 2023 CPOT Annual Cannabis Policy Report stands as a roadmap for policymakers, offering strategic insights and action plans to ensure the cannabis industry's growth is aligned with the values of equity, community health, and sustainability.