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The Building Code Board of Appeal is authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.080 and the State of Oregon Structural Specialty Code.
Learn about the building code appeal review process. For electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals, find out how the review and reconsideration process works. Find the Board of Appeals (Big Board) process information.
Apply online for membership on a Portland Permitting & Development board or commission.
Building Code Board of Appeal members and alternates are appointed to serve three-year positions.
File building code appeals, electrical code appeals, mechanical code and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
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For in-person meetings at Portland Permitting & Development (PP&D), get parking validation instructions and directions to the parking garage.
Find a property's plumbing permit history and most building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing code appeals heard after September 2003.