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Feature Friday: June 26, 2020

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Successful homepage switch; search page updates; file replacement updates; service editor experience switch; cloning for news, pages, and services; contacts on your group homepage; find a park launches on

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Successful Homepage Switch

Thank you to all the editors that contributed to the push to launch the homepage. Visitors to the old homepage will now automatically redirect to

In the first week since the switch, public opinion in the feedback form and from around the city has been generally positive. This is a huge milestone, so thank you to all the stakeholders that contributed.

TrackIT and Intranet

Even with this switch in place, migration is not complete. Many bureaus will be working through the end of the year to migrate their remaining content—most of which can be found as a search result on that redirects back to the old platform. TrackIT replacement and the new Intranet will be coming later this year.

Translations Update

Additionally, we have plans to turn on basic translation capability that will allow editors to add a translated version of their content in one of the 10 safe harbor languages. This is a complex feature to turn on and we hope to do so in the late-August to September time frame. This translation feature does not automatically translate—native speakers with Google Chrome or similar browsers already have that ability. The feature allows a user to search in their native language and find actual language alternate pages in search engines like Google. Additionally, the feature will allow those that find content in their language to see what other languages the content is available. For a fully-built-out version of translation, take a look at the Multnomah County Library website.

Our first version of translation will enable the features that will allow us to have a separate translation project to translate the interface of into the 10 safe harbor languages. That will be a huge task that will need funding that is not part of the POWR project.

Find a Park Launches on

We encourage everyone to try out the new find a park feature on Our Park Facility pages have never looked so great. Special thanks to Ken Rumbaugh and Joan Hallquist for their work to launch this feature alongside the homepage switch.

Search Pages for News, Events, Project, and Advisory Groups

Since the alpha release of, search services has been a key feature. Over the last few weeks, we have made huge improvements to other search views that show content from across all the bureaus.

Coming soon, we will be able to search construction that is active, upcoming, and completed around the city as well as City Code, Charter, and Portland Policy Documents.

Document Upload and File Replacement Improvements

This past week, a bug fix was deployed to make it easier to replace a file in a document rather than uploading a new revision of that file. This also makes it easier to switch to an Efiles link for from an Efiles link back to a file in the document media library.

Service Editor Experience

Also deployed this week, you now have the option of either the existing service modes and steps editor for city service descriptions or a body content field similar to editing pages or news. This new option can also use the table of contents view.

Cloning Expanded to Events News, Pages, and Services

Finally, we are excited to release the availability for publishers to clone news, pages, and services. Events could be cloned a couple weeks ago, and the feature works well enough that we are expanding its use. One key use case for cloning is the ability to create a template for news (such as a press release template with a related contact and defined sections) that can be cloned to save time and effort.

To create a template, just create an event, news, page, or service and save it in the unpublished workflow state with a title that includes the word "TEMPLATE" to help you identify it in your manage content views.

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