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POWR Stakeholder Update April 9 2020

Blog post

Alerts and notifications; events updates to show online options, status, and location name; optional legacy paths block for migration help and testing.


Alerts and Notifications

Updates to our alerts and notifications were deployed yesterday. Alerts are now limited to warning and information status and are not dismissable. Notifications now appear below the breadcrumbs just above page titles. This is a more appropriate place for the notifications that are specific to a group. Notifications are dismissable. Both elements have the new accessible color palette applied.

Please remember when writing notifications to keep them brief and link to news or an information page if you need to provide more detail. Notifications are meant to notify and are not content themselves.

Event Updates

You can now mark an event as "Available Online" and provide a web connection link and instructions. Be careful with public connection information. If your event is open to the public, take appropriate precautions to have registration, a waiting room, and limit the ability of participants to unmute or share video.

If your meeting or hearing, is closed to the public, you can use the instructions to explain to participants how they will receive their connection information. For instance, appropriate use of this field would include instructions like "Members of this committee will receive online conference instructions via email."

Event status (cancelled or rescheduled) is now displayed in all list views.

The room or location of an event is now displayed in all list views. Clicking on a location name will take the user to a page that lists all news and events that have been associated with that room or location.

Legacy Paths Block

If you are working through your migration plan and adding legacy paths to content, we now show that information at the bottom of each page that has a legacy path. Only users with the publisher role can see this information—it is not visible to the public.

Use the legacy paths block to visit the content you are migrating from PortlandOregon.gov or to test your legacy paths after you have redirected your content from PortlandOregon.gov to the new Portland.gov

Group admins can disable the legacy paths block per group by editing their group homepage and checking "Disable Legacy Paths Test Block" under the "Paths and Redirects" section.